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Tension rises on the border of Israel and Lebanon with the intensification of crossfire and the death of 10 civilians in one day

Violence has escalated on Israel’s border with Lebanon in the last three days after a barrage of rockets killed an Israeli soldier, a launch for which neither Hezbollah nor any other group has claimed responsibility, and another 10 civilians were lost. life in Tel Aviv attacks in southern Lebanese, the largest number in a single day.

At least three fighters from the Lebanese Shiite militia Amal were killed this Friday in an Israeli bombardment against a house in southern Lebanon, while its ally of the same sign, Hezbollah, has announced two new casualties in its ranks amid a new escalation, various sources report.

Amal has reported in a statement the death of three of its members “while fulfilling their national and combat duties in defense of Lebanon and the south”, without offering details about the circumstances of the deaths or the exact place where they occurred.

However, the National News Agency (ANN) explains that the three have lost their lives in a bombing carried out at dawn against a house located in the southern village of Qantara, one of at least eight areas that have been subject to air strikes. Israelis in the last hours.

Amal’s political branch is an important ally of Hezbollah in that arena, while its armed wing has been participating in the border clashes that began with Israel last October, as have other groups less involved in the battle than the Amal movement. Hasan Nasrallah. Nasrallah is scheduled to give a speech this Friday afternoon, his second so far this week and his seventh since the outbreak of the crossfire on October 8.

The day with the most civilian victims

Precisely, Hezbollah announced this Friday two new casualties in its ranks, in addition to another seven confirmed the day before by the Shiite formation in the midst of a sharp upsurge in violence, which last Wednesday already left ten civilian victims in Lebanon.

This Thursday, Hezbollah launched “dozens” of rockets against the town of Kiryat Shmona, in northern Israel, in response to two bombings attributed to the Jewish State that the day before killed ten civilians. “In a preliminary response to the Nabatieh and Souaneh massacres, Islamic Resistance fighters attacked the Kiryat Shmona colony with dozens of ‘Katyusha’ rockets at 5:55 p.m. this Thursday (4:55 p.m. in Spain),” the armed movement said in a statement. release.

This Wednesday, seven members of the same family died in an Israeli bombing of a residential building in the Lebanese city of Nabatieh, hours after a mother and her two minor children lost their lives in another attack attributed to Israel in Souaneh.

It was the day with the most civilian casualties since the start of hostilities last October and occurred in the midst of a strong escalation, after Israel announced an “extensive” bombing campaign against Lebanon in response to a barrage of rockets. which caused the death of one of his soldiers. Neither Hezbollah nor any other group has claimed responsibility for said launch.

“The recent escalation of hostilities and airstrikes that have reportedly led to an increase in civilian casualties are extremely worrying. Among the victims are children, mothers and grandparents. The loss of innocent lives is regrettable,” said the United Nations humanitarian coordinator for Lebanon, Imran Riza. “The rules of war are clear: the parties must protect civilians and these rules must be respected. “They are not a target.”

In addition to the action against Kiryat Shmona, Hezbollah claimed responsibility this Thursday for six other attacks, four of them against “espionage” equipment located in different positions of the Israeli Army, as well as two launches of projectiles directed at military objectives also in the north of the neighboring country. .

The Israeli Army assured this Thursday that one of Hezbollah’s casualties in Nabatieh is a “senior commander” of its elite Radwan forces, although the Lebanese movement did not specify his position nor did it say goodbye to him with an honorary funeral as it did previously with another important command of that unit.

Hezbollah and Israeli forces have been locked in intense crossfire since October 8, in the worst border clashes since the war they fought in 2006.

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