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Teuku Wisnu’s Way of Approaching Religion to Children


Teuku Wisnu was asked about giving religious education to his children. He admitted that it took a lot of effort.

According to the soap star Cinta Fitri, giving religious education to children must follow an example from both parents. Because from there they can see how their father and mother worship or something else.

“Alhamdulillah, for example, it is difficult for children to teach religious education to children. It is difficult to educate children about religion. Because make sure to see the parents first, the parents are still studying,” he said when met at ICE BSD, Tangerang, recently.

“For me, first, how do husband and wife study, I and Shireen still have a lot of homework. The children are parallel while walking. Thank God, Adam, we can really give him an understanding of religion, an approach to religion, thank God, he can follow,” he continued.

Teuku Wisnu is grateful that Adam, his first child from Shireen Sungkar, can go through the prayers and recite the Koran. However, he also did not deny that his baby is also sometimes stubborn.

“Adam is 9 years old now. Insyaallah he is now when he prays fard, he prays. Sometimes there are times when it’s like what are you playing, already calling to prayer, sometimes you like to go too far if you don’t remind, so we still have to remind you,” he said.

Wisnu admits that he has never forced his young children to worship. However, he always reminds them of the existence of religion and God.

“As far as I know, we were like setting an example for children, praying in front of them, praying in front of them, sometimes it’s like ‘O Allah, give my child to be able to control his appetite’. The point is about food, so we deliberately pray in front of children, but in On the one hand, children know that if they ask for anything, ask God first and then talk to people,” he said.

“So in my opinion, a religious approach to children must still be carried out, so if you force them to pray, it is not aged before 7 years, but we encourage them to pray. 10 years there is a time when we have to condition children to pray, there is only 3 years quarantine period for children, we know that as Muslims, Muslim women must pray,” he concluded.

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