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WorldThailand studies a devastating blow to Daniel Sancho's family

Thailand studies a devastating blow to Daniel Sancho’s family

It’s been more than a month since Daniel Sancho will confess to the murder of Edwin Arrieta. The trickle of information about the case has not stopped since then. The latest twist in the event directly affects the Sancho family, given that one of their lawyers may be left without access to Thailand.

The trip to the Asian country that the chef’s father, Rodolfo Sancho, has made was done with his lawyer Marcos García Montes. This, according to reports Readings, you may no longer have permission to enter Thailand. The reason is none other than the lawyer He came to the country as a tourist and what he did was practice his profession.

The publication, which cites another medium, details that That was a “serious mistake”. Since, if you want to move to another country to work, you have to apply for a work visa. But He lacked an official permit with which to go to Thailand to perform his duties as a lawyer.

“This situation has not sat well with the Thai authorities,” the publication notes. They have also pointed out that he should have notified of his intention to work when traveling to the country.

Without a lawyer in Thailand

A few days ago, Daniel’s father, Rodolfo Sancho, published a statement explaining that they were going to do without the services of the Thai lawyerwho was part of the international team of lawyers that they had formed.

“We have stopped working with the office of Don Fernando Oca, thanking, as it could not be otherwise, the work done until now by both Fernando Oca and the lawyer Kunh Anan. From now on, work is being done to find a solution to Daniel’s defense in Thailand,” the statement said.

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