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Thales Alenia Space: Telkom Satellite Assembly Completed, Ready to Launch at Cape Canaveral


Thales Alania Space has completed satellite newly owned Telkom. The French satellite manufacturer revealed that the vehicle is ready to launch in mid-February 2024.

Thales Alenia Space said that they had delivered High Throughput Satellites (HTS) Telkomsata subsidiary of Telkom, from the Port of Nice, France, on January 9 and to the Port of Cape Canaveral, United States.

It is estimated that the journey for Telkom’s new satellite cargo using the sea route will take the next few weeks.



“Built by Thales Alenia Space for PT Telkom Satellite Indonesia (Telkomsat), the High Throughput Satellite which is based on our Spacebus 4000B2 platform will provide a capacity of more than 32 Gbps throughout Indonesia,” said Thales Alenia Space, quoted in a post on his Facebook account.

Thales Alenia Space also shows the delivery process Telkom’s new satellite from the place where it is made until it is transported onto a large ship in the Port of Nice.

As previously reported, Telkom stated its readiness to launch the satellite again in mid-February 2024.

Telkom’s SVP Corporate Communications & Investor Relations, Ahmad Reza, explained that Thales Alenia Space was entrusted by Telkomsat for the design, construction, testing and delivery of the satellite to the launch site.

In addition, Thales Alenia Space is responsible for the phase launch and early orbit phase (LEOP), namely the initial phase of the satellite after leaving the launch rocket until it reaches the desired orbital slot at 113 East Longitude.

The French space company will also be responsible for in-orbit phase tests (IOT), namely the satellite performance testing phase when the satellite is already in its orbital slot.

Reza said that Thales Alenia Space will provide full support for the satellite control system from the control station on Earth (ground control) and will train the Telkomsat engineering team to be ready to operate the HTS satellite throughout the life of the satellite.

“Other support such as technical consultancy will also be provided by Thales Alenia Space throughout the lifetime of the satellite,” he said.

Later, Telkom’s new satellite it will be launched using a proprietary Falcon 9 rocket SpaceXowned space company Elon Musk.

After being launched in mid-February, Telkom’s new satellite, the name of which is still being worked out, is targeted to be operational in April 2024.

If the launch process is successful, Telkom will own and operate three active satellites, namely the Telkom 4 or Merah Putih Satellite in orbit slot 108 East Longitude, the Telkom-3S satellite in orbit slot 118 East Longitude, and the HTS Satellite in orbit slot 113 East Longitude.

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