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World​The 8M of #SeAcabó overflows the streets to demand "the end of...

​The 8M of #SeAcabó overflows the streets to demand “the end of patriarchy”

The unstoppable force of feminism has once again overflowed the streets of the main cities of Spain to demand the International Women’s Day in an 8M that follows in the wake of the historic mobilization of 2018. The protesters have demanded the end of patriarchy under the slogan #It’sAcabó, a proclamation resignified as a symbol of the fight for equality after the non-consensual kiss of Luis Rubiales to Jennifer Hermoso.

One of the most massive concentrations has once again been that of the capital. The demonstration called by the March 8 Commission of the Feminist Movement of Madrid It has brought together thousands of people—500,000 according to the organization, 30,000 according to the Government Delegation—who have marched from Atocha to Plaza Colón. Spokespersons of the organization Ana Roma and Brizna Zaragoza They have claimed before starting the journey that “feminism always adds rights, it does not take them away” and they have advocated for the end of impunity and sexist violence.

For her part, the Minister of Equality, Ana Redondohas taken advantage of the moments prior to the mobilization to attack the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, who this Friday asked “when is Men’s Day.” In the opinion of the socialist, the words of the PP leader do nothing more than “discredit” her for defending and representing women. Along these lines, the member of the Government has called Ayuso’s intervention “nonsense”: “he is very unserious,” she has stated.

The head of Equality has attended the march accompanied by the ministers of the PSOE Pilar Alegría, Elma Sáiz, Reyes Maroto, Teresa Ribera and the socialist candidate for the European Commission, Nicolas Schmit. Redondo has celebrated that Spain is the fourth European democracy in terms of equality and has called to demand that “steps continue to be taken because there is a real problem: the extreme right and its denialist policies.” On behalf of the coalition government, the second vice president and Minister of Labor also attended the march, Yolanda Diaz, the Minister of Health, Monica Garciaand the Minister of Youth and Children, Sira Rego.

Meanwhile, the Madrid Feminist Movementa minority and promoted by feminists opposed to the Trans Law, has once again marched separately in a demonstration supported by the PP and which had a participation of 4,000 people according to the Government Delegation and 30,000 according to the organizers.

From the classic demands to Palestine

The women who turned the main arteries of the cities purple this Friday have once again demanded the end of sexist and sexual violence, the disappearance of wage gaps and equal opportunities for women and men. There have been cries in favor of safe, free and public abortion and banners crying out against prostitution, trafficking and surrogacy.

Groups of women participate in the demonstration called for the 8M ‘International Women’s Day’ this Friday, in Córdoba. Rafa Arcaide / EFE

But what the protesters have not forgotten has been to denounce the genocide experienced by the Palestinian population in Gaza. Sijana member of the Migration and Anti-Racism Commission of the Feminist Movement of Madrid, has indicated in statements to Public that “another feminist world is possible.” In his opinion, for this “we cannot witness how more than 30,000 people have been massacred in Palestine by the Zionist State of Israel.”

Feminism everywhere

The mobilizations for 8M have reached all the major Spanish cities. In Barcelona, a unitary demonstration has brought together around 40,000 people, according to the Urban Police. In addition, there have also been marches in the provincial capitals Andalusian and Basque.

In Castilla y León, the most popular was the one held in Valladolid, where its neighbors did not let themselves be intimidated by the rain. Meanwhile, in the concentrations in Saragossa and Valencia There have been calls for women’s rights just as in Palma, Bilbao, Santander, Cáceres, Murcia and Toledo.

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