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The anti-drought letter that 24,000 citizens will receive in the coming days due to high water consumption

The Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) has decided to rReduce water supply pressure in 7 municipalities in the metropolitan area starting March 11. The action, as reported by the organization in a statement, will affect the towns that spend the most: Begues, Cervelló, Corbera de Llobregat, La Palma de Cervelló, Sant Just Desvern, Sant Vicenç dels Horts and Tiana.

The supramunicipal entity has already set a date for the measure announced a few weeks ago to save water in the midst of the drought emergency phase in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona and the province of Girona. The reduction of pressure has been agreed upon with the town councils of these localities – many of them with urbanizations – and with the water supply companies, applying the Metropolitan Operational Contingency Plan in times of drought approved by the AMB, this organization has reported.

If the current drought situation continues, the AMB plans to gradually extend the pressure reduction measures in other municipalities, prioritizing those with the highest consumption endowments. In any case, in general, the pressure of the water network is already adjusted in the metropolitan area to the lowest limits allowed by the Regulation of the metropolitan service of the integral water cycle.

Some 24,000 domestic subscribers exceed the limit

The measure is part of the strategy for the current drought emergency situation of the AMB, which also plans, in the coming weeks, to send a letter to 24,000 domestic users (1.5% of subscribers in the metropolitan area) with a ” excessive consumption” (greater than 200 liters) to bring it closer to the average.

The letter will also remind you that, in accordance with the drought decrees issued by the Catalan Water Agency (ACA), filling private swimming pools, watering private gardens and washing vehicles is prohibited.

The AMB warns that if it detects any of these non-permitted uses, the municipalities must open a file to the user that may entail financial sanctions, in accordance with the Regulations of the metropolitan water cycle service.

It will also send a letter to another 250 users considered large consumers who exceed 20,000 cubic meters per year and are connected to the water distribution network, who will be asked for a summary of the saving measures they have implemented until now, as well as a forecast of the future.

In parallel, the AMB has been applying measures for months to increase the amount of resources available, especially from the production of regenerated water.

Currently, 25% of the water consumed by the 3.3 million inhabitants of the Barcelona metropolitan area comes from regeneration, while 33% comes from desalination, which adds up to 58% of all the resources consumed.

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