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SportsThe best sports coaches know: these two hours of the day are...

The best sports coaches know: these two hours of the day are the most effective for doing sports and staying in shape.

Doing sport and especially taking the time to do so is not given to everyone. The best sports coaches do not insist on intensity, but on timing to stay in line.

Despite the varied and often busy schedule that everyone has in their daily lives, there are many times during the day that are more conducive than others to practicing sports. This was demonstrated by a recent study by the science department of Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire, which analyzed the best times to do sports and thus avoid gaining weight.

As the authors of the study explain, many people and sports coaches focus on the intensity and duration of physical activity. But few have focused on the pattern of physical activity itself, measured by accelerometer to classify the time of day most suitable for movement and sport. But the best coaches know: doing a little sport regularly and at a set time, even in a moderate way, is still the best way to stay in shape.

New Hampshire researchers concluded that certain times of the day provide greater effectiveness for physical activity than others. While evidence is sometimes conflicting about this ideal time, findings suggest that exercising between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. appears to be most conducive to optimal weight management.

If we want to go further, know that morning sport, before a day of work, can bring many benefits such as:

  1. Energy boost: morning exercise can give you a boost to start the day. Exercise releases endorphins, happy hormones, which can lift your mood and give you energy for the rest of the day.

  2. Better concentration: Exercising in the morning can improve your concentration and productivity throughout the day. This can help clear the mind and stimulate blood flow to the brain.

  3. Consistency: People who exercise in the morning tend to be more consistent in their exercise routine. It’s easier to stick to a set schedule when you exercise early in the morning because there are fewer chances of interference or distractions.

  4. Appetite regulation: Exercising in the morning can help regulate appetite throughout the day. Some people find that they are less hungry after exercising, which can be beneficial for weight control.

  5. Avoid the heat of the day: In summer, exercising early in the morning helps avoid the high temperatures of the day, which can make exercise more pleasant and safe.

  6. Stress management: Morning exercise can help reduce stress and anxiety. It can help you feel calmer and mentally prepared to face the challenges of the day.

  7. Better sleep: Exercising in the morning can improve the quality of your sleep the following night, as it can help regulate your body clock.

Be aware, however, that there may be other factors that contribute to weight management, such as age, gender, genetics and even location. If morning exercise doesn’t work for some people right now, that doesn’t mean it never will. The main thing is to do physical activity when it is most suitable for you with a routine, rhythm and regular schedule.

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