Wednesday, 22 May 2024
WorldThe city of Avdivka in Ukraine is under Russian control.

The city of Avdivka in Ukraine is under Russian control.

Kyiv: The city of Avdivka in Ukraine is under the full control of Russia. Ukraine’s new military chief, O. Alexander Sirsky announced on Saturday. Troops redeployed to the safe left outside the city. He added that the withdrawal was to save the lives of the soldiers. . Russia’s Aceh after capturing Bakhmut in May 2023 during the Ukraine War This is a huge advance. A shortage of ammunition is cited as the reason for the military retreat. that Avdivka, which had a population of 32,000 before the war, now has a thousand. Only common people live below.

Ukraine Strongly Holds Two Years of Russian Invasion Getting rich. Western friendly countries immediately provided military assistance. Volodymyr, the President of Ukraine, said that it would be wise to defend against Russia. Mir Zelenskiy told the Munich Security Conference on Saturday.

Due to opposition from Republican members of the US Congress, the U.A. C’s aid package is stalled. Avdivkai is helping to capture the Donbass industrial sector. success in In the context of next month’s elections, Russian President Vladimir This is also an achievement for Mr. Putin.

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