Thursday, 26 May 2022
SportsThe Code wants to promote the use of its facilities

The Code wants to promote the use of its facilities

To generate resources and invest in the maintenance of all the sports centers that they administer in Guadalajara and within the State, in Code Jalisco They seek to generate strategies and alliances that allow them to exploit the functionality of these sports spaces.

“We want potentiate the use of sports halls. Bring big events, do sports-spectacles and take the complexes to a level similar to what they had in the Pan American Games”, assured the general director of Code Jalisco, Fernando Ortega.

Most of the properties managed by Code Jalisco were built to host the Guadalajara 2011 Pan American Games, but few have consolidated solid projects.

Baseball took root in the Pan American Stadium with teams like charros Y Mariachis; in Ávila Camacho the project of stars; in the Metropolitano tennis has grown and they have hosted the tournament of the WTA Finals.

However, in the buildings of the velodrome in Paradero, López Mateos and Revolución it has been more complex to attract the attention of the public, the same case as in the rowing and canoeing nautical sports center in Zapotlán el Grande and the Lagos de Moreno baseball stadium.

“We want them to be multifunctional facilities to attract other types of events that give them life, keep them functional, attract sports tourism and generate economic benefits,” said Ortega.

And it is that real estate still demands investment, despite its little use. According to official figures, Code Jalisco paid 24 million pesos last year just for the lighting issue, and right now in the velodrome it is necessary to invest about 2.5 million pesos to clean the track of cycling where the base of the Mexican Selection trains.

projects in mind

Among the strategies to follow to generate commercial alliances and more resources in favor of sports facilities, Code Jalisco will bet on bringing international events and taking advantage of spaces for two or more sports disciplines to coexist.

In the velodrome there could be not only cycling, but also judo and taekwondo inside the building; in Revolution hockey and American football could coexist; in Avila camacho Astros are here, but they are working on creating a professional volleyball team; in the Metropolitan there could be a tournament Masters 1000 and in the Pan American stadium there would be Major League games and possibly a World Cup. baseball Sub-18 for the year 2023.

Meanwhile, in Lagos de Moreno they intend to present a regional model for sporting events, create a Development League with the Mariachi team, and launch the Probeis Academy.

“We want to give them a multifunctionality. Otherwise it is very difficult for people to come to these complexes and it is very difficult to keep them active. We need commercial alliances and sponsorships (…). The truth is that there are days that I go through those spaces and I feel sorry for others, “explained the director of Code Jalisco.



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