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WorldThe controversial poster placed in the bathrooms of a bar in Marbella

The controversial poster placed in the bathrooms of a bar in Marbella

The bars and restaurants of Spain, especially in summer and in beach areas, are a hive of tourists, both national and foreign, who want to enjoy the rich gastronomy and, in the case of those who come from other countries, the prices ( lower than in the rest of Europe).

But not all customers who enter bars do so with the intention of consuming. On many occasions, people access these businesses to use the bathrooms without spending money, something that hoteliers do not look favorably on.

To avoid this, a bar in the old town of Marbella has placed a sign that urges all those who want to enter without taking anything to pay two euros. “Only for clients, if not, two euros per person is charged,” reads the text, written in Spanish and English.

Poster in a bar in Marbella.ELHUFFPOST

what the law says

But, is it legal to go to the bathroom of an establishment without having to consume? In the first place, the regulations that regulate bars and restaurants depend on each Autonomous Community and although there is not every specific one on this case, there is talk of an “internal regime” of each business where it must be collected in writing to whoever requests it.

Should we consume out of obligation? Again, the autonomies leave it in the hands of the internal regime of each establishment if it has it. Therefore, in view of the regulations, the most normal thing to do is to ask the owner for permission to enter the service without consuming and trust in his benevolence.

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