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WorldThe decrepitude of Europe or this is as far as we get

The decrepitude of Europe or this is as far as we get

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The last Munich summit has been focused on strengthening European military unity and arming their beloved Zelensky instead of seeking the peace that neither of them wants for Ukraine, while the unbearable Palestinian genocide continues to add deaths with the help of the United States and Europe, because both cronies continue to help and sell weapons to both Ukraine and Israel so that each one can continue their own carnage.

After all, what peaceful solution could be expected from the United States, the main protector of Zionism, which does not stop vetoing ceasefire proposals at the UN? Or what can be expected from his submissive Europe? The United States never wants peace because its big business is permanent war in one place or another and with one excuse or another. The death industry is its main source of income and power to the point of being able to affirm that as long as the United States exists there will be no peace on this Planet.

And what happens with Europe? Which is at their command with their free trade agreements, their vulture funds entering with insatiable hunger into education, health or neighbors’ properties with tenants whom they do not hesitate to expel. At the same time, they sink their dirty beaks and fill their wealthy mouths in profitable businesses, agricultural farms, industries of all kinds, including food, or telecommunications, to take it raw to the vulture paradise, which is fiscal by its very nature. Of them, and of others like them.

And that’s not all, far from it. There is also the cultural and religious side. Europe has been becoming Anglo-Saxonized for so long that in many countries like Spain, among others, holidays like Halloween are also celebrated, while the hosts of Bible sellers and the churches of this or that give new use to places closed due to the crisis that their bosses provoked us.

This Europe of the third age has therefore decided to submit to its former North American subjects, allowing itself to be led by them also in the war affairs in Ukraine and Palestine. This aging and seduced Europe that had always boasted of arrogance, a pacifist bastion, a Christian fortress and a defender of human rights, democracies and other beautiful flowers of the human garden, will finally go down in History as a great fraud and a stupid old woman. 27 heads driven towards their irrelevance and showing signs of contentment. The shameful servility of our politicians pushed by the orchestra of death NATO to get involved in these two conflicts where the US always wins and the people always lose is reaching levels never seen before.

Feeding two regimes as abominable as the Ukrainian or the Zionist, this is how Europe lives today, impoverishing itself by paying for wars that are not its own, enduring the high cost of living in our countries corresponding to that, and the EU degrading itself morally, thus shamelessly contradicting each and every one of the beautiful principles with which he intended to dazzle the world.

As they say, lies have very short legs, but the truth has a universal and powerful extension and that is why it is seen as dangerous by the empire of liars, and the life of this hero of our time Julián Assange is in as much danger as the free expression of the thoughts of communicators when their content damages the liver of Power.

Journalism and the communication of the truth are in danger like never before, and Assange in his high-security British prison as the worst and most dangerous criminal, has an uncertain future despite the clamor against half the world. Not, of course, from the other side, from the world of powerful liars, vultures and country-eating thugs.

Unfortunately, all this is happening in Europe and there is little doubt that it will happen again until we Europeans wake up and put in our minds, in our consciences, in our actions and in the wind with a loud voice a “This is as far as we are.” . This depends on one thing: a high level of ethical, spiritual and social consciousness. Do we Europeans have that level? To prevent this there are gag laws and high security prisons. The truth is more powerful than all that, yes, but to what extent are we willing to defend it? Everyone knows that in their heart.

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