Wednesday, 22 May 2024
WorldThe ECB continues without giving surprises and maintains interest rates at 4.5%

The ECB continues without giving surprises and maintains interest rates at 4.5%

Changes were not expected and there have not been any. Although the restrictive policy of the European Central Bank seems to be causing havoc, this time, to eurozone inflation, the regulator of European banks continues keeping interest rates at the same level for the fifth consecutive meeting.

Since last September 14, the body chaired by Christine Lagarde decided to raise the price of money to 4.5%, six months have passed and everything remains the same, although, luckily, prices have gone down a little.

All experts have been warning for months that the ECB will not change its monetary policy until mid-2024, despite the fact that inflation has begun to cease its suffocating pressure.

In its first meeting of the year, the organization led by Lagarde already warned that these levels will continue to apply “for a long enough period” enough to achieve the 2% objective in the medium term.

And things are not going wrong. Inflation in the eurozone last February reached the second lowest figure since July 2021, after 2.4% in November, standing at 2.6%, thanks to the drop in energy prices.

Although in these last four meetings the ECB has already warned that the restrictions applied will continue “for as long as necessary“Everything seems to indicate that the end of the historic levels of the price of money is about to come.

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