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WorldThe European Commission proposes a new series of sanctions against Russia

The European Commission proposes a new series of sanctions against Russia

AA / Brussels

The European Commission proposes a series of six sanctions against Russia, including sanctions on imports of Russian oil.

This is the resumption of a speech delivered by the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, of her participation, on Wednesday, in a reunion of the European Parliament, in the French city of Strasbourg.

Von der Leyen made it clear that the high-ranking Russian officials were among other personalities who were involved in war crimes in the Ukrainian city of Boutcha, and who were responsible for Marioupol’s siege, including in the list of sanctions in the novel .

It also adds that the Commission is at the SberBank ban point, which is the largest bank in Russia, with two other major banks in the SWIFT financial system.

The President of the Commission noted that in addition to the ban on these banks of the SWIFT system, the complete isolation of the Russian financial sector in relation to the world system should be avoided.

Von der Leyen also declares that the novelty of the series of sanctions stipulates the diffusion interjection into the territory of 3 Russian states, and that they are not in a row, authorized, or operated in the European Union, via platforms and applications by cable, satellite, Internet or smartphone.

The head of the European Commission also believes that the Russian presidency, the Kremlin, the auditors and consultants in Europe, are interested in providing such services to Russian companies as well.

According to Von der Leyen, these measurements “cause real-time downtime in the Russian economy”.

The European Union has, for the first time, imposed 5 series of economic sanctions against Russia, after the debut of the largest war in Ukraine, at the end of the last February.

For the series novelty to be viewed, it must be ratified by the Member States of the Commission.

On February 24, Russia turned its back on Ukraine, which has been embroiled in international backlash and “economic” sanctions against Moscow.

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