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The European Parliament calls for changes in the regulation of driving licenses to improve road safety

With more than 20,000 lives lost each year on EU roads, Parliament supports reforming European driving license regulations to contribute to road safety and the EU’s green and digital transitions.

MEPs want drivers to be better prepared for real driving situations and aware of the risks, especially for the most vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, children, cyclists and electric scooter users. For this reason, they propose incorporating driving on snow and in slippery conditions, safe use of the phone while driving, blind spots, driver assistance systems, and ensuring that it is safe to open the vehicle doors to the permit exam.

Validity of the card and prior medical examination

Parliament considers that the license to drive motorcycles and passenger cars should be valid for fifteen years, five years in the case of trucks and buses. MEPs do not support shortening the validity of the elderly card, as proposed by the Commission, to avoid discrimination and guarantee the right of this group to freedom of movement and participation in economic and social life.

The Chamber supports drivers assessing their own fitness to drive prior to license issuance and renewal. MEPs propose that Member States decide whether self-assessment should be replaced by a medical examination that includes, among others, checks for vision and cardiovascular conditions. But they also want countries to make more of an effort to increase awareness of the mental and physical signs that may indicate risk while driving.

Inexperienced drivers will have to pass a trial period of at least two years during which they will be subject to some restrictions, such as stricter limits on alcohol consumption and higher penalties for dangerous driving, according to the EP proposal.

Given the shortage of professional drivers, MEPs also support allowing access to a permit for trucks or buses for up to 16 passengers from the age of 18, once a professional training certificate has been obtained. They also raise the possibility of raising the age to drive cars and trucks to 17 years if the driver is accompanied by another experienced driver.

Mobile driving license

To support the single market, Parliament is in favor of introducing the mobile driving licence, which can be carried on the phone and will be equivalent to the physical licence.

Rapporteur Karima Delli (Greens, France) said: “Parliament had the opportunity today to improve road safety in Europe and get closer to the goal of zero deaths on EU roads by 2050 and better protect everyone from accidents. of traffic. The rules include medical checks to obtain or renew the license and stricter provisions for new drivers.”

The legislative project on driving licenses went ahead with 339 votes in favor, 240 against and 37 abstentions and constitutes the position of Parliament in first reading. The Chamber that emerged from the June elections will continue the legislative process.

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