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The failed projects of the Vergara Era

From 2002, the year in which Jorge Carlos Vergara Madrigal acquired Club Guadalajara, to 2022, where his son Amaury is the new owner, the Chivas team has had 25 technical directors of all styles and budgets, starting with Daniel Guzmán and culminating with Ricardo Cadena.

Only two coaches have achieved consecration with Liga MX titles in this period of almost 20 yearsJosé Manuel “Chepo” De la Torre in 2006 and Matías Jesús Almeyda in 2017, the others have been failures in the attempt to continue making the Sacred Flock the great team that it presumes to be.

However, there are coaches who have not met expectations, who have come to Guadalajara between controversies, on an interim basis or with the hope that their experience will bring out the Flock, but they have simply left much to be desired, they have failed and they have earned the animosity of the rojiblanca fans.

Examples of coaches who have done more harm to Guadalajara than benefit it have been presented.

Cases like those of Juan Carlos Ortega, nicknamed the “improvements”, Xavier AzkargortaFrancisco Ramirez, Raul Arias, who called Jorge Vergara a “clown” in the presentation, Fernando Quirarte, Ignacio Ambriz, Carlos Bustos, who passed without penalty or glory in the team.

And more recently the cases of José Saturnino Cardozo and Tomás Boy, two coaches almost declared “antichivas” who led the team, ending with Marcelo Michel Leaño, a character hated by the fans and who was recently fired from the helm.

Still others, like Benjamin GalindoJose Luis Royal, Ephraim Flowers, omar Arellano, John van´t schipLuis Fernando Tena or Victor Manuel Vucetich they have come to the helm of Guadalajara with the hope of shiningmake them champions, however, they were left wanting and ended up being fired and going out the back door.


The worst records of the coaches since the Vergara family owns Guadalajara

Coach Tournaments JJ JG JE JP Effectiveness

Juan Carlos Ortega 2005/2013 18 4 8 6 30.04%

Xavier Azkargorta 2005 12 2 5 5 30.56 %

Francisco Ramírez 2009 12 2 5 5 30.56 %

Raul Arias 2009 7 3 1 3 47.62%

Fernando Quirarte 2011-2012 11 3 4 4 39.39%

Ignacio Ambriz 2012 18 5 4 9 35.19 %

Carlos Bustos 2014 16 6 4 6 45.83 %

Jose Cardozo 2018-2019 42 15 12 15 45.24%

Thomas Boy 2019 16 5 2 9 35.42 %

Marcelo Michel 2020-2022 22 6 9 7 40.91%



“Football requires the values ​​of teamwork, generosity, solidarity, seeking common goals, sacrificing ourselves all for a common good. He who is generous in life will also be generous on the pitch.”

– Xabier Azkargorta, coach of Chivas in 2005


“He gave the impression that he was a ‘clown’ type, but it is a way of thinking. There is a great need to have capable people within the institution and failures are part of that, trying to grow.”

– Raúl Arias, about Jorge Vergara in 2009


“Get ready, it’s going to be a great match. You’re going to feel proud, up Chivas! We’re going to shut up all of Mexico.”

– Marcelo Michel, technical director of the Flock in 2022




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