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WorldThe Federation leaves Rubiales without salary, official car, mobile and computer

The Federation leaves Rubiales without salary, official car, mobile and computer

The “provisional suspension” measure of FIFA that affected Luis Rubiales during a period of 90 days resulted in the loss of his salary of about €925,761.81the resignation of his official vehicle and the impossibility of enjoying the privileges that he used to have as president of the Spanish Football Federation.

The latest data published in the RFEF’s transparency tab regarding the president’s remuneration point to a total gross amount in 2021 of 634,518.19 eurosa net figure of 339,237.12 euros, regardless of what is received by UEFA, in which he has been vice president since 2019. This figure updated to 2022, with the rise in the CPI of 6.5 percent, raises his emoluments to 675,761.87 euros.

As EFE learned, his annual salary at UEFA is 250,000 euros gross, an amount that he could also lose if he ceased to carry out these functions. In FIFA, Luis Rubiales had no position.

The RFEF Assembly approved in May 2022 a new system for the remuneration of Luis Rubiales as president with retroactive effects from January 1 of that year. Then he began to have a fixed salary plus the CPI, instead of a fixed salary and some variables depending on economic success, based on a percentage of the income of the new sponsors, as had been the case to date, after the suspicions generated by the “Super Cup case”.

It was also agreed to reduce housing assistance to the president to 3,000 euros gross per month (1,650 net) and the treasurer of the RFEF, Eduardo Bandrés, specified that the new system meant a reduction of about 50,000 euros per year.

The meeting of regional presidents held yesterday addressed this situation with the legal services of the RFEF and, given that Rubiales is provisionally suspended by FIFA, that is how it appears from now on in the federal human resources department.

Some of the attendees at the meeting, chaired by Pedro Rocha, president of the Extremadura Federation and now interim president of the RFEF, they proposed to record in the statement after it the express mention of the suspension of employment and salary to Rubiales, but in the absence of an agreement it was left out of the text, as he was able to confirm EFE in sources of the Federation.

Yesterday the presidents of the territories, meeting for the first time after everything that happened after the final of the Women’s World Cup, unanimously agreed to request the resignation of Luis Rubiales and if this did not occur, the door would be opened to a motion of no confidencesomething that Rubiales himself tried to do to relieve Villar and that was not necessary due to his dismissal by the TAD

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