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The first phase of the land line, which will deliver Black Sea gas to subscribers, will be completed in November.

Petroleum Transport Joint Stock Company (BOTAŞ) aims to complete the first phase of the pipeline, which will enable the gas discovered in the Sakarya Gas Field to reach the subscribers, in November.

According to the information obtained by the AA correspondent from the company, a total of 540 billion cubic meters of natural gas discovered will be brought ashore from Filyos Port and connected to the national natural gas transmission network.

Construction of the “West Black Sea Gas Measurement Station” and “West Black Sea Natural Gas Pipeline Phase-1” part of the project carried out by BOTAŞ continues. Placement of the natural gas pipeline on the land started on March 7, and as of April 14, 7 kilometers of steel pipe assembly of the 36 kilometer line was completed.

The company, which continues its efforts to include natural gas in the system in 2023, will complete the measurement station and the first phase of the pipeline as of November.

Together with the natural gas metering station, it will be transferred to the national transmission grid by approximately 216 kilometers of 48-inch diameter high-pressure steel natural gas pipeline and related valve systems.

Within the scope of the “Western Black Sea Natural Gas Pipeline Phase-1 Construction Project”, which will transfer the natural gas in question to the transmission network, route opening works started on January 12 and the first shipment of the pipes to be used in the construction of the line to the field was made on January 20.

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