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The first white supremacists tried in Spain face sentences of between six and 11 years in prison

The Prosecutor’s Office requests sentences of up to ten years and eight months in prison for two men from Lleida accused of spreading messages on social networks that encouraged attacks against migrants, homosexuals or people with disabilities. This will be the first trial in Spain against white supremacists.

The two defendants, who respond to the initials WRP and CAL, They will be judged this Thursday by the Lleida Court. Both face hate crimes, weapons possession and drug trafficking.

Between 2018 and 2020, CAL, which faces ten years and eight months in prison, and WRP, which faces five years and ten months, spread material online that denigrated non-white, homosexual or disabled people.

In the messages, the accused defended the need to “exterminate” those types of people and expressed their admiration for terrorists such as Brenton Tarrant, the Australian who in 2019 attacked two mosques in Christchurch (New Zealand), and Anders Breivik, who in 2011 killed 77 people in Norway.

Guns, drugs and a militia

One of the supremacists wrote and distributed a manifesto titled A heroic life project in which he invited them to retire to rural areas to live off drug trafficking, until the time came for them to go on the offensive and “reverse the situation”.

In addition, he created a Telegram channel that 850 users joined. Hereby he shared his manifesto and encouraged the creation of a “militia-like” community to “return all non-white, non-European people to their region of origin.”

The other defendant created a channel on the same social network in which he stated that the people he considered inferior “deserved the most infamous death.” Besides, He called for them to be murdered and warned that “he would die killing for his ideology.”“. He had almost 250 followers and published material related to Nazism and the manufacture of weapons.

Nucleus in Lleida

The accused created “a small residential nucleus” in a farmhouse in the province of Lleida, where they dedicated themselves to the cultivation of dope. The Police seized almost a kilogram of this drug and five grams of ketamine.

A revolver, a sword, two machetes and a punch tool were also confiscated. The Prosecutor’s Office asks that each of the men pay fines exceeding 126,000 euros.

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