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The Full Story of the Arrest of Magician Oge Arthemus for Cultivating Marijuana


Magician Oge Arthemus was secured by the West Jakarta Police in connection with the crime of misusing narcotics for growing cannabis. He was secured in a hotel in Yogyakarta.

The Oge case was released by the West Jakarta Police today, Tuesday (29/8/2023). Unfortunately, he did not talk about the problem.

Regarding the Oge Arthemus problem, West Jakarta Metro Police Chief Kombes Pol M Syahduddi said that the police first arrested his friend with the initials AH in the Serpong area, South Tangerang, over a public complaint.

“Two suspects have been arrested for AH and IAS alias OA, a place in Serpong, South Tangerang,” said West Jakarta Metro Police Chief, Kombes Pol M. Syahduddi in a release statement, Tuesday (29/8/2023).

“From the results of the investigation, one person was arrested on behalf of AH at his home, from AH obtained evidence of 3 bottles of cannabis seeds, and 5 pots of cannabis plants. Of these 5 pots, there were 2 small pots and not 3 large pots. There was 1 pack of fertilizer from AH ,” he explained.

From the police investigation, the activity of growing cannabis has been carried out for 5 months to dry the tops and then hand them over to OA.

“From the suspect’s confession, he had been carrying out cannabis planting activities for 5 months since March 2023,” he explained.

The police also stated that OA’s goal was to grow cannabis at AH’s residence for his own consumption and deliberately planted it at his house so that no one would notice or know about it. Meanwhile, the relationship between OA and AH is only limited to friends.

The police named magician Oge Arthemus and his friend with the initials AH as suspects for growing marijuana at home. The two suspects were charged with Article 114 paragraph 1 of Law no. 35 of 2009, and is threatened with a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

“As stipulated in Article 114 paragraph 1 sub Article 111 paragraph 1 of the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 35 of 2009 concerning Narcotics with a maximum sentence of life imprisonment,” said West Jakarta Metro Police Chief Kombes M Syahduddi.

The police are still hunting for cannabis seed sellers to Oge Arthemus.

Oge Arthemus is a man who was born on September 6, 1978 in Brebes, Central Java. His figure had become a concern because he had an accident while carrying out a dangerous stunt on November 16, 2021. At that time, his hands, face and feet were burned so that he was isolated in the hospital for one month.

The most dangerous action he has ever done is to escape from a canister filled with water that is locked, imitating the actions of the world’s escapologist, Harry Houdini.

In 2005 Oge Arthemus broke the world record by playing magic for 70 hours non-stop. At that time Oge Arthemus acted together with Bow Vernon and Decky San who were both students of Deddy Corbuzier.

The actions of Oge Arthemus, Bow Vernon, and Decky San at that time succeeded in making achievements in the Guinness Book of Records beating the previous world record. The previous record was held by British magician Richard Smith, who juggled for 30 hours 45 minutes 16 seconds in August 2004.

He has also participated in Asia’s Got Talent in 2019.

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