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The Guatemalan Prosecutor’s Office says that the elections won by Arévalo de León are not valid

The Public Ministry (Prosecutor’s Office) of Guatemala He assured this Friday that the elections won in 2023 by the president-elect, Bernardo Arévalo de Leónare not valid due to assumptions administrative irregularities of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal.

The Prosecutor’s Office, whom Arévalo de León accused in September of carrying out a “coup” against him, indicated that the electoral records used in the elections “are null and void“since “they were not authorized” initially by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal.

The invalidation of the electoral results was presented at a press conference by the prosecutor Leonor Moraleswho said that the elections for president, deputies, mayor and deputies to the Central American Parliament should be annulled.

As a reason for the annulment of the elections, Morales stated that there is an administrative irregularity, since the electoral records used They are not approved originally by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal.

“The formats used They were not approved by the plenary session of magistrates,” stated Morales, who added that the votes “are null and void.”

At the same press conference, the Prosecutor’s Office pointed out Arévalo de León for alleged illegalities At the formation of his party in 2018, the Seed Movementin addition to an alleged case of money laundering.

A Prosecutor’s Office without credibility for Arévalo de León

Arévalo de León: “We have won the elections and we will take office on January 14”

The lawyer and elected representative of the Semilla Movement, Andrea Zecenawarned on social networks that the Public Ministry “has no authority” to declare the elections null and void.

For his part, Arévalo de León assured this Friday that the Prosecutor’s Office “has no credibility,” and that the new accusations against him raised this Friday by that body are “absurd and ridiculous.”

“It’s time to vigorously defend our voice and the possibility of building a different country. “No one should come between the people of Guatemala and their spring,” Arévalo de León stressed.

In the same sense, the 64-year-old academic said that “the attempted coup d’état is real” and has led them to “aa crucial moment in history” from Guatemala. “We have won the elections and we will take office on January 14,” he added.

The position of the Supreme Electoral Court

Despite the accusation of the Prosecutor’s Office, the president of the Guatemalan Supreme Electoral Tribunal, Blanca Alfaro, indicated this Friday that the results of the elections are signed and certifiedalthough he also pointed out that a different ruling from the Constitutional Court, the country’s highest court, could annul his decision.

“If they do not take possession, I repeat, there would be breakdown of the institutional order“said Alfaro in reference to the possibility that the elections will be annulled and Arévalo de León will not be sworn in on January 14, as established in Guatemalan law.

“There is absolutely no time for us to in any way repeat no choice“added the president of the electoral court. In addition, Alfaro explained that the Public Ministry has right to conduct “investigations”, but that they do not imply the annulment of the elections, and he also defended the transparency of the electoral process.

For the EU this is an attempted coup d’état

According to Borrell, what happened will have a “strong negative impact” on Guatemala’s relations with the EU

The European Union also condemned this Friday “unequivocally” the attempts of the Prosecutor’s Office to void the results of the general and presidential elections in Guatemala, which he considered “an attempted coup d’état.”

“These latest actions and statements by the Public Ministry of Guatemala represent an attempted coup d’état, led by politically motivated prosecutors“said the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrellit’s a statement.

Borrell denounced that these events “are the culmination of the efforts that have been developing during the last month and that have been denounced by the EU and other international partners.

According to Borrell, these actions “constitute a violation of the constitution of Guatemala, the rule of law, the electoral process and the most basic principles of a democracy, including the fundamental principle of the separation of powers“.

For Borrell, these continuous attempts to annul the election result will have a “strong negative impact” in Guatemala’s relations with the EU.

The international organization asked the Guatemalan authorities to defend the electoral processthe country’s constitutional order, its international reputation and the rule of law rejecting these “unacceptable” attempts to annul the results of the elections, which were analyzed by a EU Electoral Observation Mission.

The General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS) also condemned this Friday “the attempted coup d’état by the Public Ministry of Guatemala.”

In a statement, the office of the organization’s general secretary, Luis Almagrorequested the president of the country, Alejandro Giammatteito the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court of Justice and Congress to act against the “perpetrators of this attack” to “defend the institutions and the constitutional order.”

Since July 12, the leadership of the Guatemalan Public Ministry, sanctioned by the United States With accusations of corruption, he has tried to reverse the electoral victory of Arévalo de León, despite the fact that the law does not allow him to interfere in the results of the elections.

This Friday’s accusations against the elections, held on June 25 in the first round and August 20 in the second, are added to others raised in the past against Arévalo de León and also the Semilla Movement by the Prosecutor’s Office.

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