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The Idol Does Not Continue, The End of The Weeknd’s Work in Film?


After inviting controversy and creating a scene, The Idol series will not be continued for a second season on HBO. The official announcement was made by HBO after various considerations had been made previously for the series starring Lily Rose-Depp to Jennie BLACKPINK.

“The Idol was one of HBO’s most provocative original shows and we are delighted to receive such a strong response from the audience. After much debate and consideration, HBO as creators and producers alike have opted not to proceed with a second season. We are proud of the creators, cast and crew for their amazing work,” the official announcement read.

Reporting from People stated that the election not to continue The Idol was not a decision recently made. This is because Sam Levinson, Reza Fahim to The Weeknd apparently did not have or prepare a follow-up storyline for the next season and chose to develop a story based on the response from the first season.

This also made HBO decide not to continue the series within two months after the final episode of the first season aired.

The Weeknd also had time to express his gratitude through his social media accounts for the success achieved by the series.

“The final episode. It’s great to share this moment with all of you where this season will end. Keep pursuing your vision even though the road is steep,” he wrote.

After its premiere on June 4, the series experienced a drastic drop in viewership to over 100 thousand. Reporting from Variety, it was stated that there was a total decrease of 12 percent in the number of premiere viewers with the following episode which only recorded 800 thousand viewers.

Scenes and characters from The Idol (2023). Photo: Doc. HBOGO

Spicy criticism was also leveled at the series which was considered to only present the sexual fantasies of its creators, namely Abel Tesfaye, Reza Fahim and Sam Levinson. Even GQ magazine called the latest episode of the series the worst sex scene in film history.

“The dialogue and choreography feel like they’ve been ripped from the brain of a horny teenager who just found out they can Google ‘boobs’,” Lucy Ford wrote in her review.

Not only that, Abel Tesfaye or The Weeknd was also in the spotlight because of his sex scene with Lily-Rose Depp in that episode.

“I will never see The Weeknd the same way after #theidol,” wrote one netizen.

“I need Abel to take down this disgusting scene from The Idol,” wrote another.

The Idol series invites blasphemy because it is considered to only exploit the sensuality of its female stars, especially Lily-Rose Depp and Jennie Kim.

Some of their scenes are always criticized by netizens, like in one episode where Jocelyn is seen doing something indecent with a glass filled with ice cubes while choking herself. Tedros (The Weeknd) also ordered Jocelyn to demonstrate the sex scene alone while narrating the scene and followed by her.

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