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The judge files the case for New Year’s Eve in Ferraz: ‘The most violent thing was hitting a piñata’

A judge rejects that there is a crime in the beating of a doll representing Pedro Sánchez during the protest organized last New Year’s Eve in front of the PSOE headquarters in Madrid, where “the most violent thing was hitting a piñata” which “in no case” , he assures, he looked like the president of the Government.

“The most violent act carried out by the attendees was hitting a piñata or cardboard doll, which represents a figure with the appearance of a unibrowed male, with prominent ears and a long nose. In no case does its appearance reproduce the image of the President of the Government,” he points out. the head of the investigating court number 23 of Madrid in the order where the investigation is filed.

The judge has ordered the dismissal of the case, considering that the facts do not constitute a hate crime and argues that considering them as a crime “would be detrimental to pluralism, tolerance and the spirit that sustains a democratic society, like ours.”

“Perhaps it is not well regarded from a civic point of view, and the language is vulgar and profane, and obviously, they could be reprehensible from this perspective, but lack of education is not a crime. It may be unpleasant for the person in question or his supporters, but it is not a crime,” says the judge.

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