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The mayor of Alpedrete rectifies and will restore the names of Paco Rabal and Asunción Balaguer in the square and House of Culture

The Alpedrete City Council has rectified the decision of remove the names of the actors Paco Rabal and Asunción Balaguer in a square and House of Culture of the Madrid municipality, once the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, demanded that the council governed by PP and Vox rectify “the size of the error.”

In a statement, the council has confirmed that The next Governing Board of the town will restore the name of the square and the cultural center, while acknowledging that the City Council has not been able to explain the name change. “It is evident that we have not been able to explain the intention of this change, which, at no time, was intended to undermine or despise the cultural legacy of two loved people, not only by the residents of Alpedrete, but by the country as a whole, and to comply with another will. existing in the municipality,” he expressed.

As explained by the council, the municipal government team had “recognised the will of the residents to name” a road space in the municipality with the name of Plaza de España, as well as “Las Canteras” to some other place in the municipality. Thus, he recalled that, “with the utmost respect for two illustrious figures”, it was thought “to transfer the name of Paco Rabal and Asunción Balaguer to the Municipal Theater, which lacks a name today” and the creation of the Group of Teatro Asunción Balaguer “to fulfill a commitment” that in his opinion the previous progressive government abandoned since 2016.

The Alpedrete Government has defended that “it understands culture on the basis of freedom, plurality and diversity” and, as it has stressed, “no action has been guided, nor will it be guided, by the ideological sectarianism, so typical of a left, that understands culture as a private preserve and that only honors and places streets and squares for people who think like them.

“This is a Government that listens, that cares for its neighbors and that is at the foot of the street. For all this, I want to reiterate our respect and affection for Paco Rabal and Asunción Balaguer and, in this sense, the next Government Board will restore the name of the square and the cultural center,” he announced.

Rejection of Ayuso

In his ‘X’ profile, Díaz Ayuso warned that both the regional government and the Madrid PP are “totally against” the decision of the councilor, of his party, and that it has generated strong rejection within the world of culture.

In this sense, the Madrid president defended a “free and plural” culture on her social networks, which is why she rejects any “censorship”, “erasure” or “ideological sectarianism”.

“From the Community of Madrid and the PP of Madrid we are totally against the decision made by the popular mayor of Alpedrete, to remove the name of Paco Rabal and Asunción Balaguer from a square and the house of culture. These days we have requested rectification in the face of such a mistake. Neither censorship, nor erasure, nor ideological sectarianism. Culture has to be free and plural,” Díaz Ayuso public.

Also the spokesperson and deputy secretary of Culture of the PP, Borja Sémper, described the council’s decision as “disastrous”, pointing out that since its formation they have trusted “in an urgent rectification by the city council”. “Paco Rabal and Asunción Balaguer represent the best of our performing arts; common heritage of all Spaniards and our culture,” he said in a message that he published on the social network X.

Neighbors, faces of culture and family members gathered on Saturday afternoon in Alpedrete to demand that the City Council, governed by PP and Vox, keep the name of Rabal and Balaguer, residents of the town for years, on the municipal street map.

The names of the Plaza de Paco Rabal and Casa de la Cultura Asunción Balaguer appeared since 2001 and 2015, respectively, in the Alpedrete street map, but since the end of April, following the decision of the local Government Board, these locations have been renamed Plaza de España and La Cantera Cultural Center.

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