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The meteorological autumn arrives: when does it start and what temperatures await us

The suffocating heat of summer is about to be left behind with the arrival of meteorological autumn. The Aemet warns of a drop in temperatures and an increase in rainfall, especially in the north of the peninsula.

“Next week, when the meteorological autumn begins, it will be colder than normal for the time of year in almost the entire country. There will be a thermal rise during the first days, but it could cool down again for the weekend “, Aemet shares on his official Twitter account.

Then it enters into liquid matter: “the rainfall will spread to other points in the north and east of the peninsula and to the Balearic Islands. During the last days of the week, even with uncertainty, it is possible that it rains in large areas of the country.” It’s just the beginning.

According to the information provided by the agency, it is expected that the unstable weather conditions persist in the northern region of the peninsula, giving rise to mostly cloudy skies and significant rainfall records. This will be observed especially in the north of Galicia and the Cantabrian area. In addition, in the northern third of the country, episodes of occasional showers are not ruled out.

A relevant indicator of this situation is the accumulation forecast, which anticipates values ​​of more than 30 liters per square meter in most of these areas. According to Aemet, this rainfall would not extend to the interior and south of the peninsula, except for some isolated storms in the Mediterranean region.

The most noticeable impact of meteorological autumn will be reflected in the temperatures. Although it is true that the minimum temperatures could register an increase in the interior areas of the northwest and the extreme southwest of the peninsula, the same is not expected in many other parts of Spain. On the other hand, the situation will be completely different in the I raised, northern Catalonia and the Canary Islands, where significant drops in temperature are anticipated. In the rest of the peninsula, conditions are expected to remain relatively stable.

In concrete numbers, it is expected that minimum temperatures remain above 25ºC only in some areas of the peninsular southeastern coast and in the Balearic Islands, these being the places that will experience the greatest decreases. Only in the valley of the Guadalquivir will reach temperatures in the range of 32-34ºC.

On Friday, a new trough will enter with force, generating great expectations among meteorologists and some uncertainty in the predictions. However, on one point they all agree: a cold period is coming.

What is meteorological autumn?

Meteorological autumn is a calendrical convention used by meteorologists and climatologists. to facilitate the study and comparison of climatic data. Unlike the astronomical fall, which is based on the Earth’s position in relation to the Sun and varies each year, the meteorological fall follows a fixed calendar and is divided into three full months: September, October, and November.

This approach makes it easy to analyze and compare weather patterns and data on temperature, precipitation, and other meteorological parameters. By dividing the year into weather quarters, meteorologists can perform more consistent and standardized analyzes of weather conditionswhich is especially useful for weather forecasting and tracking purposes.

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