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The minor arrested for jihadism in Seville had a bomb ‘ready for use’

The Juvenile Judge of the National Court José Luis de Castro has ordered the confinement in a closed regime for a period of six months, extendable, for the 17-year-old boy detained in Montellano (Seville) and to whom different substances were used for the manufacturing of explosives. He apparently had a bomb “ready for use,” the newspaper reports. The country.

The judge highlights in the order ordering his internment that the young man had managed to synthesize “mother of Satan” and boasted of being able to activate a bomb remotely with a mobile phone.

The minor, who apparently is highly radicalized, is obsessed with military themes, has camouflage clothing and is tremendously homophobic and anti-Semitic, is attributed with the crimes of integration into the terrorist organization DAESH and possession of explosives.

The judge agrees to the measure requested by the Prosecutor’s Office for crimes that he describes as extremely serious and that classify as integration into a terrorist organization and, alternatively on a subsidiary basis, terrorist indoctrination or terrorist self-indoctrination, as well as possession of explosives.

These crimes, says the judge, justify a measure of confinement in a closed regime. The car includes all the solid evidence that proves that the minor had obtained various substances to make explosives, as well as manuals for their manufacture.

The resolution also refers to his statements of support for the Islamic State as well as the display of various jihadist material on his own mobile phone.

The judge includes in his order a report from the Police Explosives Deactivation Group that evaluates the seized substances and concludes that they are considered precursors to explosives. He also analyzes his profiles on social networks that confirm his jihadist evolution.

It is also noted that on January 21, being already under surveillance by the Police, he went to a field area where different detonations were heard which confirms, says the judge, that the minor could be testing the explosives he may have. in his possession, which led to his arrest.

The judge considers that the requirements are met to agree to the detention of the minor since the criminal acts that are charged “are extremely serious” and there is sufficient data to consider that he is the author, as well as the possibility of repetition of the crime.

Furthermore, the magistrate explains that taking into account his socio-family situation, he can escape the action of justice due to the seriousness of the facts and the criminal responsibility that he could incur. The order highlights that the measure of confinement in a closed regime, without prejudice to the review that may be carried out according to the evolution of the minor, will allow him to distance himself from the radicalization process in which he is immersed and thus avoid harm to third parties.

De Castro says that the measure is adopted in the interest of the minor since the reform center guarantees the adoption of all the activities necessary for the development of the young person’s personality, as well as continuity in their schooling and training.

The order includes the report of the technical team that, taking into account the family, personal, social and educational circumstances of the detainee, as well as the seriousness of the facts, advises the convenience of adopting the measure of confinement because it is not detrimental to the best interests of the minor.

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