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The missing woman on the CSIC ship had reported harassment to another crew member

Carmen FV, the woman missing last Sunday aboard the oceanographic vessel Garcia del Cid of the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), had reported for harassment to one of his crewmates.

According to information offered by the newspaper I raised that person would have been on the ship on the same voyage on which she He disappeared. The family spokesperson, however, has denied that this point has been confirmed so far.

The woman, 43 years old, a native of the Pontevedra town of Cangas do Morrazo and resident in Bueu, in the same region, married and mother of three children, had worked for five years as waitress in it Garcia del Cid.

During that period there had been a prolonged sick leave due to illness and had reported that another classmate harassed hera case that was filed in 2019, according to the family’s lawyer, Diego Leis.

rescue operation

Last Sunday morning, her companions did not locate her in her cabin and, after search for it without success on the ship, they notified Maritime Rescue, which launched a rescue operation that has not allowed her to be found.

Investigation sources have assured that a farewell note which would suggest that Carmen had taken life throwing himself into the sea, although sources close to him have clarified that what was actually found was a notebook that he used as personal diaryand from which a state of discouragement could be deduced.

Regarding the presence on the ship of the person whom he denounced for harassmentLeis has made it clear that neither the Civil Guard nor the CSIC have confirmed that this is true, Europa Press reports.

According to the lawyer, both They agreed before setting sailbut based on the information that she herself conveyed to her relatives, that person was not among the ship’s crew at the time of the disappearance from Carmen.

“We don’t know how long they were together, but when they went out to sea he was no longer on the ship,” Leis insisted, based on the information that the missing He transported his loved ones.

“Nothing weird”

The lawyer has insisted that Carmen’s family did not notice “anything strange” about her until the day before missing her, so they want to know what motivated that “change of mood so pronounced” in so few hours.

I raised He assures that he has been trying since last Monday to get the Ministry of Science to confirm whether Carmen was traveling on the ship with the same person she told him. had denounced and, if so, explain why that was allowed to happen, without the department you run Diana Morant have answered those questions for now.

Since last September 4, The Garcia del Cid was sailing through the Mediterranean carrying out an oceanographic campaign within a European project coordinated by the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM) of the CSIC in Barcelona.

The couple and a brother of the missing woman have moved to Valencia, to whose port the boat remains moored while the investigation takes place. investigation.

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