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WorldThe Morenoist rebellion grows

The Morenoist rebellion grows

Faced with what they described as “indifference and contempt” on the part of the national leadership of Morena to the challenge presented by Marcelo Ebrard for “violations of the internal process,” yesterday half a dozen federal deputies who were followers of Morena’s Ricardo Monreal announced their joining the group of supporters of Morena. former chancellor Ebrard in San Lázaro. “Several deputies who have participated very closely with the licensed senator Ricardo Monreal, have decided to join this bloc that will fight for the causes of the people in question of the budget,” announced deputy Bennelly Hernández, from Zacatecas . More work for Mario Delgado and the coordinator for the defense of the ‘4T’.

Any pretext is good to attack the Judiciary

Yesterday in the Senate, María Elena Ríos, victim of attempted femicide by former local PRI deputy and businessman Juan Antonio Vera Carrizal, and her lawyer Diana Cristal González, demanded that the president of the Court, Norma Piña, bring her case before the alleged conflict of interest of Judge María Tereza Quevedo, in charge of keeping his file. According to the Oaxacan saxophonist, the judge not only acts with partiality for the benefit of Vera Carrizal, who is in prison accused of being the intellectual author of the acid attack against her, but also accuses her of releasing feminicides. The conference was headed by Morenoist César Cravioto, who took the opportunity to position himself against the Judiciary.

Did lobbying at SCJN bear fruit?

Perhaps the lobbying of the legal advisor of the federal Executive, María Estela Ríos, who went to the SCJN before the issue of the SEP textbooks was analyzed, helped. A day after she went to the high court, the ministers refused to give entry to the controversy presented by the government of Maru Campos in Chihuahua, marking the route that the same appeal presented by the government of Miguel Riquelme in Coahuila could follow.

The survey will be on the day of the vote: Ebrard

Marcelo Ebrard questions the polls that give Sheinbaum such a wide advantage. “I see them as ‘propaganda survey’, ‘advertising survey’. So, let’s see. Here the survey in this country is going to be on the day of the vote, we will see there,” he stated when questioned about it. He continues with his sword drawn, even though Morena has not resolved his issue. And then? That’s what everyone is wondering.

MC buys time

With the ruling of the Electoral Court that overturns the INE agreement by which the start date of pre-campaigns was set on November 5, those who gain time are those of the orange party. MC continues to stretch the league, even Dante Delgado himself, leader of the party, was included as an option. In contrast, Claudia Sheinbaum and It is estimated that the new date will be the third week of November.

Goodbye to the phrase ‘husband and wife’

The full Senate approved a reform to change the wording of the Federal Civil Code with the aim of replacing, in the sections that refer to the obligations arising from marriage, the words “husband and wife” with “spouses.” In the opinion, which was approved with 67 votes in favor and was sent to the Chamber of Deputies, it is stated that although until the 21st century only a marriage could take place between a man and a woman, this has changed in the current situation, since several entities in the country already allow marital union between people of the same sex.

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