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The Murcia City Council admits that there are more establishments open with a closure order

The City Council of Murcia announced this Thursday the “immediate seal” of more unlicensed premises in the Atalaya area, where the Teatre and Fonda Milagros nightclubs were that burned last weekend causing the death of 13 people.

The Consistory, which governs Jose Ballestaof the Popular Party, admits so they exist in the city more localof which you have not provided a figure, which have a closure order that has not been executed and that, therefore, continue to function and open to the public. Several of them in the same area of ​​Atalaya.

After the fire last Sunday morning it was learned that the burned nightclubs lacked authorization for more than a year, despite which they continued to operate without the City Council doing anything about it. In fact, in the case of Teatre, it passed a municipal health inspection last March despite lacking a license.

The vice mayor, Rebecca Fernandezadmitted in a press conference held this Thursday morning that there is still locals operating with a pending closure orderand that the City Council is going to begin to review all the cases starting with those that have a greater capacity and are usually more crowded.

“Murcia is shocked”

Fernández announced that the inspections will begin this Thursday and that when it is found that a premises is operating without a license, it will be removed. “immediate” seal. “We are the first interested in knowing what happened,” said the vice mayor, admitting that “Murcia is shocked” by what happened. “We understand that all efforts made to clarify these facts are necessary,” she explained.

Last Wednesday, the mayor of the city announced the temporary suspension of the officials who intervened in the administrative procedure related to Teatre Murcia SL, the company that owns the two damaged nightclubs. Ballesta has also ordered the opening of a informative file in order to clarify what happened with the administrative files related to both locations.

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