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WorldThe next Council of Ministers canceled: the sign of an imminent reshuffle?

The next Council of Ministers canceled: the sign of an imminent reshuffle?

The Council of Ministers, scheduled for tomorrow Wednesday, was canceled according to Franceinfo, which received confirmation from the Elysée, but no explanation…

The back-to-school Council of Ministers scheduled for Wednesday January 3 was canceled by the Elysée, Franceinfo announced on Sunday evening. This unexpected cancellation, confirmed by President Emmanuel Macron’s entourage, raises questions and revives speculation, in a context of persistent rumors about an upcoming government reshuffle. The next Council of Ministers is now scheduled for Wednesday January 10.

The information was not accompanied by official explanations, leaving a mystery surrounding the reasons for this decision. This cancellation comes as Emmanuel Macron paid tribute to the head of government Elisabeth Borne and her ministerial team during his greetings, praising their work, particularly for the adoption of difficult reforms such as that of pensions and immigration law. A passage interpreted as the sign of a page turning.

An event rare enough to be noticed

Without explicitly mentioning a potential reshuffle, the head of state did not fail to raise questions, in particular by failing to clarify the details of the “meeting with the Nation” announced for January. This lack of clarification during the traditional televised New Year’s Eve address was followed by several declarations behind the scenes, announcing a change of government for mid-January.

The cancellation of the Council of Ministers, a rare event, only adds to this atmosphere of suspense and expectation. The silence of the president and his entourage on this subject is all the more intriguing given that the start of 2024 could mark a turning point in French politics. If a reshuffle is indeed on the horizon, it could reflect a desire to breathe new life into the government, demanded by several majority executives, or to respond to internal or international political challenges not yet explained.

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