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The ‘nosentera’ of Feijóo or the peak of Rubiales, among the most commented signs of ‘Cachitos’ on New Year’s Eve

There is no New Year’s Eve without a Cristina Pedroche dress, but neither is there without Cachitos. The La 2 program based on the RTVE music archive and its characteristic labels become the most talked about on social networks every year on the last night of the year. On this occasion they have not left a single current topic of 2023 untouched.

From the amnesty to the non-consensual kiss of Rubiales to Jenni Hermoso, passing through the result of Pedro Sánchez and the failed investiture of Feijóo, the Ferraz demonstrations and even the victory of Milei and the bombings in the Gaza Strip were among the topics that gave more play to the program’s scriptwriters, Antonio Vicente and Pablo González Batista.

Politics was one of the most recurring topics and therefore, one of the most commented labels was in one of the most listened to songs in 2023: Nightlightyes with a slight nuance and a dig at the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo.

But it was not the only nod to the PP, nor did the campaign they carried out for the general elections with the soundtrack of the series go unnoticed. Blue summer.

Another of the most talked about signs of the night was the one featuring the non-consensual beak of Luis Rubiales, in this case to illustrate a video by Bertín Osborne.

The amnesty and the Catalan issue also gave a lot of play and starred in several signs of the program.

But social issues also entered the program’s graphics, which claimed causes such as feminism, victims of sexist violence, the war in Ukraine or the conflict in Gaza.

Continuing with the political level, the extreme right snuck into Little pieces hand in hand with the Ferraz protesters and the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, who starred in several signs.

Like every year, the royal house also had its own signs in the program, with a special message to Froilán or Princess Leonor.

In addition to the labels broadcast in the program, González Batista also dedicated himself to commenting on the clips in an “alternative” way on Twitter, which has also generated a multitude of applause and comments.

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