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The Palestinian Olympic Committee said that 47 athletes were killed in the Israeli attack

Gaza: The Palestinian Olympic Committee said that 47 athletes have been killed so far in Israel’s violence. In addition, 17 sports support staff lost their lives, the Palestinian news agency Wafa reported, citing the committee.

The Olympic Committee said in a statement that Israel’s destruction machine killed 47 athletes, 17 technical staff and administrators during the war. Six-year-old karate star Yasmeen Sharaf is among those killed. Yasmeen is a star who dreamed of representing Palestine at international sports venues.

Many sports training centers and facilities have been destroyed by Israeli airstrikes. The United Nations Development Program Stadium, Beit Hanoun Stadium, three horse riding clubs, a baseball field, and several martial arts training centers were all destroyed.

The United States had vetoed a resolution by the UN Secretary General and the Security Council calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. The draft resolution brought by the UAE with the support of 55 countries did not pass the Security Council after the United States rejected it. In the 15-member Security Council, 13 countries voted in favor of the resolution. Britain left.

After two months of Israel’s human atrocities in Gaza, the UN Security Council convened using the special authority of Secretary General Antonio Guterres to demand a ceasefire under Article 99 of the UN Charter. Palestine responded that the American action was unfortunate and shameful.

Meanwhile, the number of Palestinians killed in Israeli military operations reached 17,480. Of these, more than 4,000 are women and 7,000 are children. Tens of thousands of people were injured. Many are still under the rubble.

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