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The Pink Salary will be replaced with the Women with Wellbeing program: Delfina Gómez

TOLUCA, Edomex. (apro).– Before the Morenista leadership and followers gathered at the Morelos theater, Delfina Gómez, constitutional governor of the State of Mexico for the period that begins this September 16, announced the conversion of the Pink Salary program into the Mujeres con Bienestar program, ” without intermediaries or political overtones and aimed at vulnerable women.

In the place, the hug and the photograph of Gómez Álvarez with Claudia Sheinbaum, national coordinator of the 4T Defense Committees, were the most applauded, and the former head of Government of Mexico City, the second most cheered, with the chorus “president, president”, only after the governor.

There, the first president in the history of the State of Mexico insisted that it is time for women; She recalled that her intention is to create a parity government with parity public policies, and suggested that the spaces that she has yet to designate in her cabinet will be for women.

She clarified that she did not remove the Pink Salary, but the outgoing government suspended it, so it was decided to replace it with the Women with Wellbeing program, which in addition to monetary support, will offer scholarships to complete studies, discounts on public transportation, medical and legal assistance. , psychological, etc.

He took advantage of his message to demand that his cabinet work with austerity, love for the people and honesty, and promised that there will be nothing “moche” in his administration, since public servants are there to serve without pay.

Delfina Gómez instructed her Secretary of Security to stop her elements’ extortion of motorists; She asked vehicle drivers to have their documents in order and proposed the implementation of a regulation program that would operate for the next four months.

He also announced that he will soon present a proposal to stop the corruption that exists in the referral of vehicles to the corralón, whose rates are excessive and are set unilaterally.

He announced that on October 11, a series of citizen hearings will begin at the Government Palace, to listen to the needs of the people of Mexico and seek solutions to their problems.

He commented that in the coming days he will present his Urban Development Plan based on the citizen proposals collected during the campaign.

He assured that his government will be of, with and for the people, of territory and not of the desk and, in that sense, he commented that he will soon return to the municipalities to thank the support received in the elections and report on the plans and actions of his government. .

Gómez indicated that he will visit the booths of the concessioned highways to observe failures and improvements, in the desire that the toll stops being a headache for users, since its cost is excessive. With the concessionaires, he clarified, there will be collaborative work, dialogue and will.

He assured that his government will combat clandestine logging, since it is useless to plant trees if others destroy them; and he offered to rescue the University of Naucalpan, today stagnated by the PAN government of Angélica Moya.

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