Tuesday, 26 September 2023
WorldThe PP will embrace Vox in the chamber this legislature

The PP will embrace Vox in the chamber this legislature

The Congress Board This Tuesday, it approved the distribution of the parliamentary groups in the chamber. The vote ended with the five votes from the progressive bloc in favor and four abstentions People’s Party. All this despite the fact that the Bureau has not addressed the main complaint of the PP, which asked a week ago that its parliamentary group occupy the entire right sector of the chamber.

Finally, he will have to share ‘cheesito’ with Vox. Therefore, the growth of 49 deputies that the PP experienced on 23J will extend its parliamentary group through the upper central part of the hemicycle, in one of the so-called chicken coops. Those of Santiago Abascal, for their part, are the most blurred group in the Chamber. It is true that they keep ten deputies in the most central part of the right sector, but the other 23 meander through the center to culminate, also, in the chicken coop. Vox will, thus, be embedded in a PP that embraces it, at least, in the chamber.

GNP and CKD They maintain their position with respect to the last legislature, while EH Bildu He advances his seats, leaves the roost, and gets his six deputies to form a block (three and three), instead of ‘forming’ in a row. It was his main request. Of course, according to the drawing that has emerged from the Board meeting, a deputy from the abertzales and one from Vox will sit exactly next to each other, side by side.

Sumar will occupy the first positions in the central sector along with ERC and PNV, with the exception of two deputies from the coalition led by Yolanda Díaz, who will sit behind the group of EH Bildu and also in contact with vox and the PSOE.

For his part, he Socialist Party It will occupy the entire left block with the exception of ten seats. Of them, seven will occupy them Together for Catalonia and three, the Mixed Group.

(There will be expansion)

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