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WorldThe presence of women on boards of directors now exceeds 30%

The presence of women on boards of directors now exceeds 30%

The female presence on the administrative boards of companies has exceeded 30% for the first timeso that in 2022 was located in the 31.9% while a year before it was 29.3%as published this Wednesday by the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).

However, the data still remains far from the recommendation of the Good Governance Codewhich promotes women to achieve 40% representation. Women present on the boards of IBEX 35 listed companies grew in 2022, reaching 37.6%, according to the same report.

Likewise, the percentage of female executive directors stood at 6.7% of the total (6.4% in 2021) and the top management women They came to represent the 21.7%with an increase of 2.1 percentage points.
Lastly, the CNMV It also details that compliance with the recommendations of the Good Governance Code was 86.8% in 2022 (86.4% in 2021) and six companies declared 100% compliance.

Pending approval of the draft parity law

Last 7 of March The Council of Ministers approved the draft law to guarantee parity in the public and private spheres. Among the aspects that were detailed then Nadia Calvinothe large IBEX 35 companies that are listed on the Stock Exchange should include a 40% women in its management bodies before July 1, 2024.

The new law would also apply to other unlisted companies, but that have more than 250 workers. In its case, the application period would be longer, until July 2026. “With this draft law we move from recommendations to establishing obligations that can guarantee and consolidate effective equality,” he explained. Calvino.

The text, which was submitted to public consultation at the time, was intended by the Government of Pedro Sanchez to be definitively approved before the end of the legislature.

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