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The problem with Virgoun is not over yet, Inara Rusli hopes to be calm in Ramadan


The affair between Inara Rusli and Virgoun is not over yet. There are still some problems going on between them.

It is known that Virgoun sued Inara Rusli regarding royalties that became Gono-gini’s assets. Apart from that, Inara Rusli was also reported to Polda Metro Jaya on charges of illegal access.

Inara Rusli said she was sincere and resigned to going through everything.



“It’s been filed. It hasn’t been (revoked). Yes, it doesn’t matter, I’m that sincere, that’s what I’ve given up,” said Inara Rusli at the FYP Trans7 studio, Mampang, South Jakarta, yesterday.

The mother of three said she had made various efforts, including meeting Virgoun outside without legal representation. However, Inara Rusli said she could only surrender and leave everything to the Almighty.

“How many times have we met, people can see from my posts. But, as best as we try, there is still Allah, the All-Planner. I will leave the decision on what he will be like to Allah,” said Inara Rusli.

“The important thing is that I’ve tried my best. Who isn’t afraid of being threatened with prison. But for me, that doesn’t mean I’m afraid. What I’ve done is I’ve tried,” he stressed.

As the reported party, Inara Rusli could not comment much. Talking about the future impact of this problem on their children, Inara said Virgoun should have been able to think and consider everything before reporting.

“As the party being reported, I certainly can’t comment much. The father should be the one who thinks a lot and considers the long term for the children, their mental health, because he is the one who reported it,” he explained.

Approaching Ramadan, Inara Rusli hopes that her life can be much calmer. He hopes that this problem can be resolved before Ramadan because some time ago he again carried out mediation with Virgoun.

“Actually, we have already met at the mediation court, thank God we met at the mediation court yesterday. If possible, before Ramadan, all the problems will have been resolved. Thank God, he understands religion. This month of Ramadan, we will just focus on worship. I have already said that. Even though I have tried “The best human endeavor is God who plans and arranges it, I can only try,” concluded Inara Rusli.

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