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The PSOE takes to the Constitutional the recount of the foreign vote that a deputy cost him

The PSOE will appeal to the Constitutional Court the ruling of the Supreme Court that dismissed its petition to review 30,302 invalid votes from abroad registered in Madrid in the 23J elections, as reported to EFE socialist sources.

The Socialists appealed to the Supreme Court in the hope of being able to recover the seat that he lost in favor of the PP after the recount of the external vote.

Once the general scrutiny ended with the external vote, which confirmed one more seat for the PP, the Socialists went to both the Madrid Electoral Board and the Central Electoral Board to check the validity of all invalid votes in the Madrid circumscription.

The petition was dismissed by the Supreme Court, The Socialists are now taking an appeal before the Constitutional Court.

Why did the Supreme Court dismiss the PSOE’s petition?

The Supreme Court did not review the invalid votes, considering that “the mere numerical difference in the results that are claimed in this case (1,200 votes) is not a sufficient basis for review”.

For its part, the PSOE argued about the lack of technical-legal knowledge of the citizens who made up the polling stations with respect to the nullity of the votes. The Supreme Court was quite critical of this argument, “being irrelevant” the aspect that the PSOE questioned.

Likewise, to this the Supreme Court added that the appreciation of the validity or invalidity of the vote “is not a complex legal operation” and it is communicated to the rest of the members, auditors and representatives.

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