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The railway circulation, suspended in Valencia due to an incident in a tunnel

The circulation of trains in and out of Valencia has been suspended since early in the morning due to an incident that occurred in the facilities in the San Isidro Tunnel.

As reported to Agencia Efe by sources from Adif, around 5:00 a.m. there has been a fire in a chest, which has forced the fire brigade to act and has caused the suspension of train circulation due to the fire, the smoke and the flooding of the tunnel due to the water used to put out the flames.

Specifically, it has traffic suspended between the fork in Xátiva street and the València Joaquín Sorolla stationwhich makes it impossible for trains to enter and exit.

So far, there is four trains stopped in Valenciatwo AVE and one Ouigo that connect the Valencian Community with Madrid and another AVE that covers the Valencia-Seville route.

In addition, there is an AVLO from Madrid to Valencia that is detained in Requena, and an Ouigo, which covers the same route, detained in Cuenca.

The Government delegate in the Valencian Country, Pilar Bernabé, has stated that everything possible is being done to solve the incident.

Barnabas has specified that the fire, of which they will study the causes, has burned the water pumpswhich has caused the tunnel to flood, since it has not been possible to drain the water used by the firefighters to put out the flames.

At this time, Adif is trying to solve the situation “as quickly as possible”, something that is being “complicated” since there is a lot of water accumulated in the tunnel, the delegate has assured.

Has explained an external pump is being brought in to drain the areabut it is also necessary to bring the necessary infrastructure to download it to the place where the problem is.

“It will be an expensive job but I guarantee that from Adif they work with all possible means and mobilizing all the troops and means at their disposal to solve the fault as soon as possible”, he assured.

Barnabas explained that at the moment there are nine trains that have been affectedtwo of which were en route from Madrid to Valencia, and have been stopped, one in Requena, whose travelers are being transferred by bus to Valencia, and another in Cuenca, which is returning to Madrid.

For now, The number of people affected by this incident has not been specifiedbut it is insisted that work is being done “with forced marches” to be able to solve the fault and “be effective with the alternatives”.

The PP sows doubts this 23J: “What a coincidence, right?”

The general secretary of the PP in Madrid, Alfonso Serranohas criticized “that the trains full of Madrid cannot leave Valencia due to a problem in a tunnel” right on election day and has demanded “urgent and immediate” action.

“What a coincidence, right?” Serrano expressed through his Twitter account. In addition, he has pointed out that “nobody tells them anything” and It has made it ugly that Adif does not propose alternatives in buses. “Does anyone want them to turn around?” she has suggested.

With these statements, the PP tries again to extend the shadow of doubt about the cleanliness of this electoral process. The formation’s candidate, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, already tried to dye these elections black by questioning the vote by mail.

Adif denies the PP

Adif has denied Alfonso Serrano when he assured that alternatives are not being offered to travelers who came to vote. The company has explained that it is enabling buses and mobilizing train drivers and Renfe trains to take advantage of the conventional route, which is not affected.

So, Two buses have already left from the Joaquín Sorolla station that they are going to take the affected travelers to Requena so that they can take the AVE to Madrid there.

In addition, Renfe is mobilizing all the trains and train drivers available to be able to offer alternative routesand the first trains to Albacete have already left from Valencia, by conventional route, where they will connect with the AVE to Madrid.

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