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The residents will carve all the borders between the Spanish and French States on June 3 in a “historic” protest

The pagesos will carve all the borders between the Spanish and French States on June 3 in a “historical” and “sense precedents” protest. The talls, which share the support of a fortnight of agricultural associations of the entire State, are popular among farmers in both countries in points such as Pertús, Irún or Coll d’Ares.

The Revolta Pagesa holder, Arnau Rubiosaying that the objective is to put pressure in the face of the European elections to achieve “greater food security” through the anomalies “mirall clauses” and to eliminate the energy taxes that apply to agricultural producers such as They have three sectors.

Revolta Pagesa has announced this month from Pertús, one of the points on the size of the AP-7, that the size will be made on June 3 just in time for the European elections (June 9) and which will affect “all borders” between the two countries. The measure coincides with the electoral event and is not coincidental because the will of the sector is “put pressure” on the European Union to achieve “greater food security” and that the energy taxes that they apply are eliminated.

In a statement that they have reached the press, the parties ensure that “given the demonstrated immobilization of the autonomous, state and European governments since the beginning of the mobilizations and the continued lack of commitments, involvement and concrete measures”, it is “obligats” to unite-create a “unitary bloc” in “defense of the primary sector.

The “mirall clauses”

In this sense, there is a need to join the mobilization of all associations, cooperatives, unions, companies and consumers – including transporters -. The sector requires that the “mirall clauses” be applied because the products that are important to the different European states have to comply with the regulations that apply to the producers here, but also that it is important to the food chain laws. apply” the Law of preference for local products.

Because of the taxes on hydrocarbons, gas and electricity, they are likely to be eliminated as they have already been in other sectors. In addition to influencing at the European level, the reports also urged the Spanish and French governments to “initiate negotiations” to address the six demands and “find satisfactory solutions.”

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