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WorldThe Russian agency TASS suspended the European Alliance of press agencies

The Russian agency TASS suspended the European Alliance of press agencies

AA / Sarajevo

The European Alliance of Press Agencies (EANA) has confirmed that the suspension of the Russian press agency TASS from its ranks has been confirmed, due to the ongoing war by Russia against Ukraine.

This is the source of a declaration made by the President of the Alliance and the director of the Austrian Press Agency, Clemens Pig, in the area of ​​the reunion of the general assembly of EANA, located in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo.

“Press agencies must work together and they must show that they are united in solidarity with Ukraine,” Pig said, observing that the Alliance was decisive, with its last reunion, suspending the Russian Press Agency. de ses rangs.

Explained that the coin is confronted by new bellows, especially during the last two years, suggesting that the port reunion on the roller engages the pressing agents to prevent misinformation.

The director of the authored press agency has been targeted by certain agencies, members of the Alliance, on the former death of specialized teams to verify the veracity of information.

The Secretary-General of the Alliance, Alexandru Ion Giboi, has, for his part, declared that relative to the suspension of the TASS press agency is very important, and that EANA is in direct contact with Ukraine , after making his debut in Russia.

Giboi explicitly stated that the TASS agency reintegration definition would be very different from each other, expressing the expectation of one end of conflict as much as possible.

Notice that Bosnia and Herzegovina is accustomed to having two day trains, a reunion of the Alliance General Assembly of European Press Agencies, with the participation of 32 member states.

Turkey is represented, by the reunion, by the president and director general of the Anadolu Agency, Serdar Karagöz.

On February 24, Russia turned its back on Ukraine, which has witnessed international reactions and the imposition of “sovereign” economic and financial sanctions on Moscow.

* Traduit de l’arabe par Mounir Bennour.

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