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The SAT remembers who and how can deduct tuition and other educational expenses

MEXICO CITY (appro).- Within the framework of the return to school, the Tax Administration Service (SAT) reminded individuals that payments for school fees and mandatory public transportation are tax deductible in the annual declaration .

The measure applies to spouses, cohabitants, as well as ascending or descending relatives in a direct line.

In a statement, the agency indicated that the deduction of tuition fees proceeds for educational levels that are taken in private institutions with official authorization or recognition of studies and the annual limits are as follows for each educational level:

Preschool: 14 thousand 200 pesos.

Primary: 12,900 pesos.

Secondary: 19 thousand 900 pesos.

Technical professional: 17 thousand 100 pesos.

Baccalaureate or its equivalent: 24,500 pesos.

The requirements

To access the benefit, an invoice issued by the corresponding educational institution is required, detailing the payment amounts for tuition and school transportation.

Payment must be made by personal check, electronic transfer from a taxpayer’s bank account or through credit, debit or service cards.

The SAT highlighted the importance of complying with the requirements and payment modalities so that the deductions are valid as established by current tax legislation.

In case of requiring further guidance, taxpayers can resort to the SAT portal, call MarcaSAT at 55 627 22 728 or Chat one to one that can be found on the page contact

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