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The son of a great French actor is already of interest to the NBA

After Joachim Noah, son of the tennis and singing star Yannick Noah, another son of a star is starting to make a name for himself in the United States.

The American basketball league, called NBA for purists, is the best in basketball on a global scale. With a few exceptions, all players who begin a basketball career dream of joining this league and registering their names alongside Michael Jordan, LeBron James or Kobe Bryant.

In France, several players have made it into the NBA, notably Tony Parker, legend of the Texan San Antonio Spurs franchise, member of the Hall of Fame, and now Victor Wembanyama, first French number 1 in the NBA draft and also a Spurs player. . Clarification for beginners: the NBA Draft is a unique opportunity for franchises to sign promising young players playing in Europe or in American universities.

In 2024, a year after the number 1 position of “Wemby”, considered the most anticipated player since a certain LeBron James in 2003, several French people are in the race to, perhaps, imitate the former Mets player in France . According to the predictions of ESPN, Alexandre Sarr (18 years old, 2m16, pivot for the Perth Wildcats in Australia) is announced in first position. We also find another young Frenchman, Zaccharie Risacher (18 years old, 2m05), currently winger for JL Bourg in Elite, in second position.

If not yet, another Frenchman is also starting to make waves: Tidiane Sy, son of French actor Omar Sy. Born in 2006, the young man is tall, very tall in fact, with an already impressive wingspan for his age. No surprise then for him to have chosen basketball as a sport. His father, a big NBA fan, does not hesitate to comment on all of his son’s posts on Instagram.

Member of the Calabasas High School team in California, number 5 in the back, he notably created the buzz a few days ago after a huge dunk in the middle of two totally helpless opponents. Already announced at 6-3 (6 feet and 3 inches), a height of around 1.90/1.93m, Tidiane Sy could be a Frenchman to follow in the coming years. Playing the position of “Guard”, leader/back in basketball language, the young player has a bright future ahead of him. In the meantime, Omar Sy’s son fills his Instagram account with photos of basketball, whether in training or in the middle of a match.

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