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WorldThe Texan and royal IP joins in the YTexas event

The Texan and royal IP joins in the YTexas event

Rogelio de los Santos, Thomas Michael Hogg and Laura Guerra of the new incMTY board will be early this Thursday, October 5 and Friday, October 6, at the Dallas Cowboys stadium to promote investment and integration between Nuevo León and Texas.

Executives from Boieng, NASA, Port San Antonio, Houston Sports Authority, Texas Department of Transportation, UT, Dallas College and the mayors of Arlington, Round Rock, Edinburg, and Frisco participate in the “YTexas Summit” event.

Actor Dennis Quaid and former NFL player Rob Gronkowski are also on the field promoting Texas as a best place to work and invest.

“The idea is to connect the royal IP with the Texan one, explaining the competitive advantages and why Monterrey can be a real ally for issues of innovation, supply and talent. At the political level there are rapprochements. but the challenge is to translate it into development, investments and trade that leave an economic impact.

New projects and ventures only occur in new conversations. “This is why we are going to Dallas.” President of incMTY, Rogelio de los Santos.

The president and founder of YTexas, Ed Curtis, visited Monterrey three months ago, having meetings at the Tec de Monterrey, with the Ministry of Economy and with the royal business community, learning more about the region’s ecosystem.

With the current boom, the Monterrey metropolis is positioned to be a fundamental part of the “Texas Triangle” (Houston, Dallas, San Antonio) and Austin.

On the incMTY board, where Emilio Cadena de Prodensa and Secretary Iván Rivas have just joined, the state of Texas has been named as the main objective of creating with our neighbors the most competitive and prosperous region in the world.

Texas will be a guest state at the incMTY Festival during November 13-16 this year.

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