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WorldThe trucks have only one day's worth of drinking water for 22,000...

The trucks have only one day’s worth of drinking water for 22,000 people; UNICEF says that nothing will be enough for Gaza

Gaza: Despite the opening of the Rafah border, the misery of Gaza does not end. The trucks brought only nominal supplies to Gaza, home to 2.3 million people. 20 trucks crossed the border and reached Gaza on Saturday. UNICEF says these trucks only carry 44,000 bottles of drinking water, enough for 22,000 people to use for one day.

The Egyptian Red Crescent and UN agencies are bringing aid to Gaza. On Saturday, 20 trucks were smuggled through the border. The truck is carrying food, medicine, drinking water and other necessities for Gaza. The UN has warned that more trucks must be allowed to pass through in the coming days or the situation in Gaza will worsen.

After a week of negotiations and diplomatic moves, E.G. With the opening of the Pt border, there is a way for trucks to enter Gaza. which is mixed. Israel has made it clear that fuel tankers will not be allowed. Power shortage will continue in Tinal Gaza.

This is especially true for hospitals that perform surgeries in mobile phone light. It will create competition. Ghassai during 24 hours of continuous flight on Friday night. The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that 345 people were killed. The total death toll was 4385. 1756 are children and 967 are women. 13,561 people were injured.

Trucks arrive to release 200 hostages held by Hamas Israel’s position was that there was no permission to cross. United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres At the end of the discussions that reached the limit, Rafa The movement of goods started at Gikama. Hamas also released two American hostages on Friday night. s accelerated.

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