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The Voice 2024: a first evening rich in competing talents

The first evening of The Voice 2024 has just ended on TF1. Many of the candidates who passed this evening made the four coaches turn around as they passed. A great diversity of voices and techniques could be observed. Find the summary below.

00:29 – The show’s drummer talks behind the scenes!

END OF LIVE – Jean-Philippe Fanfant, official drummer for the show The Voice, spoke to Actu.fr about what he was experiencing from inside the show. The one who has done “seven consecutive seasons” had to learn to play 300 pieces to accompany the candidates and notices a high level of competition: “At the moment, we are filming the Cross Battle. Once again this season, the level is very, very strong, it’s a good vintage. I am still amazed and surprised by all these people who sing well. There is incredible casting work. »

00:04 – The Voice, an “obvious fact” for Aprile, which made the 4 coaches turn around

Among the last talents to pass this evening, Aprile, 19, who performed a song by Olivia Rodrigo, made the four coaches turn around. She ultimately chose Vianney, after feeling an emotional connection with him. For the young woman, the show is “obvious. I have wanted to do The Voice since I was little! I always told myself that it was the most accessible door to enter the world of music. I “I have always dreamed of becoming a singer but no one knows about it in my family and I’m starting from zero. I don’t know how to produce music and I have no contacts”, as she told Europe 1.

02/10/24 – 11:42 p.m. – The first evening of the blind auditions is over, the countdown of the candidates

After this first evening of blind auditions, Zazie and Mika leave with three talents each, Vianney, two and Bigflo & Oli, just one. Mika was therefore able to be extremely convincing for his big comeback after 5 years of absence!

02/10/24 – 11:35 p.m. – Eleen, the first talent saved by Camille Lellouche, attempted the Voice 4 times before succeeding!

Eleen, who was saved by Camille Lellouche, making her the first talent of the parallel team, spoke to Télé-Loisirs about her chaotic artistic journey because she is self-taught: “These are only preselections, but I I was cast for The Voice four times and France Has Incredible Talent at least six times, where I sent my video and in the end I was told no. I also tried out for X Factor, I didn’t had a response. I also made the preselections several times for Nouvelle Star.

02/10/24 – 11:17 p.m. – Camille Lellouche saves her first talent!

Camille Lellouche has just saved a self-taught candidate who performed a Beyoncé song. It actually made her cry because it moved her so much. Internet users had guessed this happy outcome: “100% sure she will be drafted by Camille Lellouche”, “HELLO I secretly dreamed that no one would turn around so that she would have Camille ‼️‼️ I was heard”,

10/02/24 – 11:04 p.m. – A candidate opens up about the many comments she received about her physique

Manuela, who moved the jury by performing “When we only have love”, spoke to Télé-Loisirs about the many comments she has always received about her physique: “Often, people said to me: “Who are you Manuela to be a singer? You have to have a beautiful body. You don’t have to be fat because people will criticize you”. But I don’t care if people criticize me, I want to sing! It’s my voice that matters, it’s not my looks!” or even “It’s always been a bit… People who call me “the fat one”, but hey, that’s what it is”.

10/02/24 – 22:43 – A candidate fan of Mika provokes the amused annoyance of the jurors

A young candidate who aroused the enthusiasm of the entire jury, however, made Zazie, Bigflo & Oli and Vianney stand up in protest. The latter preferred to join the public because they were aware of having no chance of being chosen against Mika. The candidate actually performed one of his titles, was dressed in the same way as him and lives in London like him. The jurors therefore went to sit in the audience waiting for the end of what Bigflo called “the worst suspense in the history of TV”.

02/10/24 – 10:27 p.m. – What happens to Aurélien Vivos, winner of the 2023 edition?

Aurélien Vivos, winner of season 12 of The Voice, was able, thanks to his victory, to leave his job as a warehouse worker and release an EP of 5 covers in November 2023. The singer was also chosen as the headliner of the tour of Zeniths of “500 votes for Queen”. He is therefore on tour until next April. After that, the artist planned a disc of original songs and an individual tour of around forty dates. We therefore see that The Voice allowed him to finally make a living from his music!

10/02/24 – 22:13 – A candidate, a true vocal double of Jacques Brel, astonishes the set

Alphonse is only 17 years old but this young man, a vocal double and physical resemblance to Jacques Brel, has just made Zazie and Vianney turn around. The entire jury, however, notes with admiration the talent for mimicry, while calling on the young man to develop his own musical identity.

10/02/24 – 22:03 – Zazie blocked twice in a row by her peers

Zazie, obviously very feared by her companions on the jury, has just been blocked by Mika then Vianney to prevent her from winning talents. A blockage that the singer clearly experiences rather badly since she has just asked her peers to stop doing this. Good news for her however, there is only Bigflo & Oli who can use it against her from now on.

10/02/24 – 9:54 p.m. – A 16-year-old candidate impresses everyone

Manuela, 16 years old, has just impressed the entire jury who turned around but also the Internet users by performing “Quand on n’a que l’amour” by Jacques Brel. “This little one is incredible”, “Beautiful, I hope she goes far, well done”

10/02/24 – 9:42 p.m. – Why “The Voice” works better in France than elsewhere according to Mika

For Mika, back on the jury after a 5-year absence from the program (apart from a stint in the All Stars edition in 2021), if the French edition of The Voice has succeeded in launching the careers of several stars, unlike the rest of the world, it is for several reasons as he confided to France Info: “Perhaps in France it is less vocal demonstration and less virtuoso acrobatics. And there are things that are a little more atypical. A confluence of different cultures, of styles which have the right to enter the show, to express themselves. Kendji is an example”

10/02/24 – 9:29 p.m. – Four chairs returned from the first candidate

Stolt, the first candidate of the season to take the stage of this new season of The Voice, performs a song by James Brown and manages to get the chairs turned around by all the coaches. They are very motivated to convince him to join their team. If they fight like that for each candidate, no wonder the filming lasted “until 2 a.m.” as Zazie said during an interview.

10/02/24 – 9:20 p.m. – The coaches open the ball with an M title

After a credits presentation presenting all the stars born thanks to The Voice over the past 10 years, the coaches open the show with the title “Je dis amour” by the artist M. Internet users seem delighted with this performance even if some regret Star Academy which occupied until then the Saturday evening slot. For Nikos, not too much change since he also hosts The Voice. More than 60,000 people tried the casting and the 100 best of them will now go through the blind castings.

02/10/24 – 9:13 p.m. – The blind auditions begin!

And there you have it, the first evening of blind auditions has just started on TF1! Zazie, Bigflo & Oli, Vianney and Mika will have to select their candidates. For rejected candidates, however, there remains an additional chance to enter the competition this year. Indeed, Camille Lellouche will set up her own secret team in parallel with the official show. One of the members of this secret team will join the competition in the semi-finals after beating his 7 comrades!

02/10/24 – 8:54 p.m. – A very talkative season!

This season, all of the coaches could be seen in the trailer arguing passionately to convince talent to join their team. But you will not actually see a quarter of what the jurors may have said to the candidates. As reported by 20 Minutes, some walkouts actually lasted well over a quarter of an hour. A way, according to the producer of the show, Matthieu Grelier, to “reflect the generosity of the coaches”: “I don’t tell them anything. This is one of the keys to our “The Voice”: we tell them to do as they feel, as they want, says the producer. And it turns out that they are not tongue-tied.” For Mika, this also makes it possible to explain this refusal to non-chosen people: “If I take the time to express myself, it is not, concerning myself, to comfort them but to have a serious conversation. We must speak sincerely, humanly and technically to people who have the courage to sing in front of chairs that have their backs turned to them.”

02/10/24 – 8:23 p.m. – This season’s novelty explained

We told you at the top of the article, this season, The Voice has a big new feature. Camille Lellouche, singer, comedian, actress… will have her own team within the TV show. But this team will be that of the shadows, since like the Hidden Brigade for Top Chef, the other jurors will be unaware of its existence. Camille Lellouche will thus be able to save 6 candidates from the blind auditions as well as two others during the Cross Battles. Then at the end of these, one of the members of Camille Lellouche’s team will directly reenter the competition in the semi-final! Already present internationally, this parallel competition ultimately saw three of its members win the official competition.

10/02/24 – 8:03 p.m. – A candidate eliminated by mistake before being called back at the last minute!

One of the candidates for this new season of The Voice experienced quite a misadventure. Although she had gone through all the selection stages before the blind audition and had been told she had been selected, Manuela, 17, nevertheless received a terse email a few days before the test telling her that She was ultimately not accepted. Télé-Loisirs reports that she was outraged by the production of this news. It was a good thing for her since she then received a new email explaining that she had been confused with another candidate and that her participation was confirmed: “I then received a new email ten minutes later telling me that it “It was definitely a mistake and I was caught! It was crazy!”

02/10/24 – 7:39 p.m. – Why Mika is back on the jury of The Voice

After a few years of absence, Mika is back on the jury! And this return is not due to chance. In fact, the juror who had left his post, probably out of weariness, tried the experiment again, hoping that things had changed. He was not disappointed according to what he said during the press conference last January: “The spirit, the feeling and the energy have changed. The people who present themselves are more eclectic, more connected with what is happening outside musically speaking. I find the energy is different. It’s both more fun and more competitive, but without malice, without nastiness.”

02/10/24 – 7:32 p.m. – The Voice 2024, here we go!

Good evening everyone and welcome to this live dedicated to the resumption of The Voice with the first blind auditions broadcast this evening! On the jury this year, Zazie, Bigflo & Oli, Mika and Vianney. Camille Lellouche will head a secret team, one of whose members, chosen from among those eliminated from the official competition, will go directly to the semi-finals. This new season promises more emotions, passion and talent, so we can’t wait!

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