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The White House approves a new arms sale to Israel without going through Congress

This Saturday, Israel continued attacking various points in Gaza by land, sea and air. Meanwhile, the US Government has approved the sale of weapons to Israel worth $147.5 million, the second time this month that Democrat Joe Biden’s Administration has approved a military transfer to the country at war without passing by Congress.

The Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, has authorized the sale of fuses, charges and other elements necessary to operate the 155-millimeter projectiles previously acquired by the Government of Benjamin Netanyahu. “Given the urgency of Israel’s defensive needs, the secretary notified Congress that he has used his delegated authority to determine that an emergency existed that required immediate approval of the transfer,” a spokesperson defended.

This “emergency” classification means that the sale is not subject to approval by legislators, as is usually the case in cases of arms transfers to foreign countries. On December 9, Blinken made a similar decision to authorize the sale of 155-millimeter projectiles.

The Israeli Army has assured that it has killed “dozens of militiamen” in the last hours, on the 85th day of war between Israel and the Islamist group Hamas. According to information from the Israeli Army, they have attacked the Shijaiya neighborhood in Gaza City, which is considered a Hamas stronghold where troops have been fighting for weeks. They have also attacked the north, in the town of Beit Lahia.

Since last October 7, Israeli bombings have killed more than 21,500 Palestinians. At least another 7,000 are estimated to be under rubble from destroyed buildings, most likely dead. Israel assures that it will continue with the bombings and its offensive inside Gaza until it dismantles Hamas and eradicates it from Gaza.

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