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TechThere's Russia, Ukraine's Dota 2 Team Withdraws from eSports Tournament

There’s Russia, Ukraine’s Dota 2 Team Withdraws from eSports Tournament


Ukrainian Dota 2 team decided to resign from IESF 2023 World Esports Championship. Because their request was not heeded by the organizers.

The IESF is known to have lifted the ban on the Russian team, which was previously not allowed to participate in this national championship by raising its national flag and song. Therefore, Ivan Kidaro Bondarev and his team did not want to continue the match.

“After the news and the fact that this is the final decision to cancel the Russian ban, there is no longer any desire to participate in the competition,” Bondarev was quoted as saying detikINET from Mind, Wednesday, (30/8/2023).

This decision to leave came when the team Dota 2 they will face Indonesia in the lower bracket. So after losing to Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine went lower and met Garuda Muda.

However, they ended their struggle in this competition, because it was related to the presence of the Russian team. Therefore, Indonesian Dota 2 national team was declared the winner, and continued on to the next match against Jordan.

It is not yet known whether all Ukrainian representatives in other games will also withdraw or only the Dota 2 team. Meanwhile, the information circulating is still about the MOBA team.

For those who don’t know, the Dota 2 world championship will take place from 26 August – 3 September 2023. The location chosen this time is in Iasi, Romania.

In addition to the championship title, the competing teams also competed for a total prize of USD 100 thousand or around IDR 1.5 billion. This amount comes from the total prizes from all games worth USD 500 thousand or around IDR 7.6 billion.

Well because of the team Dota 2 Indonesia managed to win from Jordan, so they returned to compete. The opponent is still unknown, because we are waiting for the results of matches in other lower brackets.

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