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They ask to authorize the “exceptional” entry of asylum seekers due to the “overcrowding” and “unhealthiness” of the Barajas rooms

The Spanish Commission for Refugee Assistance (CEAR) has requested this Monday that asylum seekers be authorized to enter for “humanitarian reasons” due to the “overcrowded” situation of the rooms intended for these procedures at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport.

Specifically, it has requested that the “exceptional” entry for “humanitarian reasons” in national territory of people “in need of protection or with specific needs”, assigning them the corresponding appointment to formalize their asylum application in the corresponding province.

In addition, he has requested that the necessary human and material resources be implemented “to reduce the detention time of asylum seekers to the indispensable minimum established in the European Directive”, as well as “improve” the coordination between the actors involved: the General Directorate of the Police, the Asylum and Refuge Office and AENA, lawyers and interpreters, to “guarantee the minimum conditions reception and the rapid processing of applications”.

Likewise, he has requested that the recommendations of the Ombudsman are followed and the provisions of the control judges arising from the complaints presented by CEAR and eliminate the transit visa recently imposed on people coming from Kenya.

The organization has indicated that, since August 2023, there have been an “exponential” increase in the number of applicants of international protection at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport, giving rise to “overcrowding” in the rooms serving asylum seekers located in Terminal 1 and Terminal 4, and “alarming” delays in the formalization of applications.

“Bedbug infestations and garbage accumulation”

Thus, the entity has denounced “overcrowding” and “unhealthiness” have reached “critical points”, which, as he has stated, has caused “bedbug infestations, accumulation of garbage and shortage of towels for personal hygiene.” “With not enough beds, many people sleep on inflatable mattresses on the floor of common areas (outside the rooms), sometimes sharing a bed. This undermines their rights to privacy and family life, as well as their human dignity.” “, highlighted the state coordinator of the CEAR Legal Area, Elena Muñoz.

Regarding the international protection and inadmissible rooms intended for the reception of asylum seekers, the NGO has assured that these “exceed” their capacity and currently house more than 390 people in “dignified and inhuman conditions.” Furthermore, he regretted that around 182 people have not yet been able to formalize their asylum request, mainly from Senegal, Morocco, Somalia, Venezuela and Colombia.

He has also specified that the delays in the formalization of applications They reached up to 18 days in December, although the situation has improved slightly, reducing it to eight days. “This makes it difficult to detect specific needs (minors, victims of trafficking, physical or mental health, disability), and prevents them from receiving the differentiated treatment to which they are entitled,” she criticized.

Likewise, it has shown that these facts They represent a violation of the European Directives, that establish a period of three to ten days for the registration of the asylum application; not extend internments for reasons that are not attributable to the applicant; guarantee decent material reception conditions, an adequate standard of living and protection of physical and mental health; early assessment of specific reception needs and special procedural guarantees for people in vulnerable situations.

Finally, CEAR has recalled that the detention of asylum seekers in the CIE in the middle of the procedure “hinders” the right of defense. On January 16, the Court of Instruction No. 46 ordered the transfer of 50 people who were in Barajas to the CIE in Aluche, although finally only four were hospitalized. Given these events, the Prosecutor’s Office and CEAR requested the annulment of this measure, which was revoked on January 19.

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