Thursday, 21 September 2023
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They denounce flooding in the Hospital 12 de Octubre in Madrid due to heavy rains

This Sunday, Spain faces torrential rains caused by the Isolated Depression at High Levels (DANA) that crosses the peninsula and, as in other points, in Madrid, some infrastructures are already suffering the consequences.

The MATS health union has shared a video from the 12 de Octubre Hospital in the capital in which they showed how, this morning, they tried to stop the water that fell on one of the corridors with soakers and garbage cans.

The organization has charged against the management of the Government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso in the hospital center. “When the public is neglected, because the only thing the Community is interested in is doing business, these things happen,” they have reproached.

In another of the videos, they show how the water has been falling and, despite the buckets placed, the flood was inevitable. “It does not stop raining and this increases…”, they have justified.

The spokesperson for Más Madrid in the Assembly, Mónica García, has charged against the state of Madrid’s healthcare system. “Every rain is followed by a flood. It hurts to see the entrance corridors to the operating room on the third floor of 12 de Octubre like this,” she pointed out.

“The neglect of public health has consequences every day. Cheer up, colleagues!” he assured.

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