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WorldThey find 11 bodies in clandestine graves in Tecomán, Colima

They find 11 bodies in clandestine graves in Tecomán, Colima

COLIMA, Col. ( The State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) reported the location of 11 bodies, which were buried inside seven clandestine graves located in a ranch in the town of Madrid, in the municipality of Tecomán.

According to the law enforcement agency, the discovery was made after the execution of a search warrant, in which members of the Zorro police group, from the Special Prosecutor’s Office in the Investigation of Disappearance of Persons, participated.

To identify the sex of the human and bone remains found, in addition to the preliminary anatomical analysis, the FGE indicated in a statement that autopsy, forensic genetics, forensic anthropology and forensic odontology reports will be carried out.

“The procedure,” he explained, “consists of collecting samples from the bodies and under the processes of obtaining genetic profiles, the DNA will be compared with the data bank held in the State Prosecutor’s Office and the National Forensic Data Bank on Human Identification. so that in case of coincidence it is delivered to the relatives who appear before the institution.”

The operation, which began on the morning of Monday the 16th, also included personnel from the Directorate of Expert Services and Forensic Sciences of the FGE, the State Persons Search Commission, State Preventive Police, members of the Secretariats of the Navy and the National Defense, the National Guard, as well as family members who make up the search groups for missing persons.

The Prosecutor’s Office stated that it continually carries out “these acts of investigation as part of the proposed strategic actions, since finding graves and bone or human remains contributes to the commitment to search for missing persons, in addition to giving certainty to the relatives of the direct victims.” .

Likewise, he reiterated his commitment to locating the victims of disappearance “with solidarity and adequate attention to the families”, to whom he showed his willingness to receive them whenever necessary and the progress in the investigations will be reported through his official media.

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