Thursday, 21 September 2023
WorldThey go to McDonald's and do not explain how they have been...

They go to McDonald’s and do not explain how they have been charged 10 euros for the entire order

“Things that only happen to us. We and our families have dinner,” reads the title of the video that @lailadakjal has uploaded to TikTok where she recounts what happened to her with her friend at a McDonald’s.

The first thing they did was show the receipt with the 10 euros that the food cost them and the surprise they got when it took them more than half an hour to give them their order.

Originally, they had ordered a Happy Meal and another menu but, when they opened their package, they found a lot of hamburgers and potatoes, which they celebrated like a goal in the World Cup final.

“It sucks in love but luck in these things…”, they both celebrated inside the car. But it doesn’t stop there, they also got a lot of drinks and desserts for free.

“They are going to fire the boy,” they lamented when they saw that the worker most likely made the wrong order and gave them one that was not the right one.

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